Atrocious school lunches have students fed up

Atrocious school lunches have students fed up
Above is what the average school lunch might look like. Schools have continued to serve unhealthy food even as obesity in American increases.

Many McLean students wonder every day when going through the lunch line why the food offered to them is so bad tasting, as well as unhealthy.  Unfortunately, McLean is not the only school with this problem.  Millions of students across America ask the same questions about their own cafeteria food.  The question remains, why is this food still being served?

The school constantly preaches about healthy eating habits, but then contradict themselves by selling their students food that nobody would want to eat.  The same pizza is served every day, and it clearly has not been well preserved.  Many other foods appear to be similarly unsanitary.

Not only is the food bad tasting, it is unhealthy.  In a country that boasts some of the world’s most obese people, healthy lunch food should be a priority.  Instead, it seems to be the last thing on the minds of schools.  In 2011, when the USDA tried to improve the quality of food in schools, Congress fought back, saying that pizza was considered a vegetable

A study in the Journal of the American Dietic Association revealed a disturbing fact: 94% of school lunches do not meet the regulatory standards of the U.S. Agricultural Department.  And the top two foods served in American school lunches? Chicken tenders and french fries.  McLean serves both of these foods at least once every week.

The solution to this problem is simple if everyone understands what they are eating when they go through the lunch line.  All we have to do is stop eating this food.  Pack a lunch so you can eat food that tastes better, and is better for you.  Schools need to understand that doing the bare minimum is not enough to help kids be successful.