The Highlander

IN THE ACT- Senior Monica Molnar splatters paint at celebrate McLean. The seniors in leadership stood above other students and threw paint on them.
Paint Up makes a splash
Belen Ballard and Sydney Gleason September 20, 2021

This year, McLeadership has switched things up for football games by adding new spirit day themes. One...

Dr. Scott Brabrand speaks before parents, community members and school board members. He introduced various new plans for handling COVID-19 transmission and cases in FCPS.
Superintendent lays out new COVID protocol for FCPS
Hanna Boughanem, Reporter • September 19, 2021

Following the lengthy community discourse at the Sept 9 school board meeting, Dr. Scott Brabrand, Superintendent...

Recent high school graduate Jason Rotondi speaks before the board. He argued against the newly implemented vaccine mandate for high school athletes.
Community discusses COVID situation in FCPS
Hanna Boughanem, Managing Editor • September 18, 2021

On Thursday, Sept 9, the Fairfax County School Board convened to discuss their approach to COVID, vaccines,...

McLean students gather for lunch time where they see their friends and take a break from class. A lunch is a very packed lunch due to many students being very hungry and eager to eat.
Students return to school for full in-person learning
Kaan Kocabal, Reporter • September 14, 2021

School has finally returned in person. Many seniors and juniors have not attended school in-person...

Ready Room — Two isolation rooms have been designated for housing students who have been exposed to COVID-19. The rooms contain the bare essentials. (Photo by Andy Chung)
McLean's COVID-19 protocols
Andy Chung, Reporter • September 4, 2021

With school back in person, Fairfax County Public Schools has implemented new rules and protocols for...

Cicadas re-emerge after 17 years
Cicadas re-emerge after 17 years
Polina Zubarev, Nyla Marcott, and Jayne Ogilvie-Russell June 7, 2021

From disgust to instant enjoyment, the appearance of the Brood X cicadas has drawn the attention of locals...

Jordan Coopersmith cares for his bees. He wears a suit to protect himself, as well as smoke to calm the bees.
Buzzed for Bees
Noah Barnes and James Murray September 13, 2021

Over lockdown, many people took up interesting new hobbies to pass the time. None more interesting than senior Jordan Coopersmith, who took up beekeeping, and now has a colony of bees in his backyard.  “With...

Fashionable Fun—The Met Gala serves as a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Arts costume institute.  The event raises millions of dollars for the department every year.
The Met Gala: A Lexicon of Fashion
Grace Gould, A&E Editor • September 14, 2021
FCPS Covid-19 cases
RISE UP FOR THE SLAM - Senior Nicole Malus rises up to spike the ball after a set from Pari Eaton at the rivalry game against Langley on Sept. 2.
Volleyball team falls short against Langley
Paarth Soni, Reporter • September 13, 2021
FCPS made a premature decision with in-person learning
FCPS made a premature decision with in-person learning
September 19, 2021

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