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The annual Oscars presents awards to films, production casts and actors that
Oscars announce 2023 nominations
Dalia Fishman, Reporter • February 2, 2023

As is usual with the annual announcement of Oscar nominations, The Academy’s list of nominees was published Jan. 24 with many obvious contenders,...

The cover for Munch (Feelin U), Ice Spices breakout single and a song featured on Like...?
Like...? Is Not So Likeable
Tara Pandey and Makda Bekele January 28, 2023

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House Party vs. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish
House Party vs. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish
Farah Eljazzar, Isabella DiPatri, and Dalia Fishman January 25, 2023

House Party Party necessities: hype music, chill people, legendary stories told over regret-filled morning afters. Party movie necessities:...

Sophomore Seoin Lee expresses her creativity and emotions through her art, taking pride in the time and effort she puts into her passion. The drawing was created using colored pencils.
Rise of AI generated art concerns artists
Minsong Ha, Reporter • January 24, 2023

Recently, artificial intelligence technologies have gained increasing attention, spreading rapidly through social media platforms like TikTok....

Venchis store in Tysons Corner recently opened for business.
Venchi review
Aileen Wu, Reporter • January 23, 2023

With more than 140 years of history, 350 chocolate recipes and 90 gelato flavors, Venchi is a fine Italian chocolate and Gelato boutique. In...

The Dolley Madison library is one of the most popular libraries in the area, for good reason.
Library Faceoff
Elise Walker and Alexandra Kofinis January 18, 2023

Many students at McLean value studies more than most, but often it becomes tiring working in the same places over and over again. If you’re...

Bones and All review
Bones and All review
Ingrid Shumway, Reporter • January 18, 2023

Content warning: this article mentions blood and cannibalism. Die hard Timothee Chalamet admirers flocked to the theaters on the weekends...

McLean’s Favorite Music of 2022
McLean’s Favorite Music of 2022
Natalie Vu, Dania Reza, and Philip Rotondo January 9, 2023

Throughout 2022, Highlanders spent hundreds of thousands of minutes listening to music. From pop to acoustic to hip hop and rap, a wide variety...

The Starbucks seasonal menu offers a variety of drinks, as well as a multitude of treats.
Starbucks holiday menu review
January 3, 2023

While the holiday season has ended, we all need a reminder of the warm scents and tastes of December. There is no better way to brighten up your...

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