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Pinterest launches new Shuffles app
Pinterest launches new Shuffles app
Farah Eljazzar, Editor-in-Chief • September 6, 2022

  Picture a dream vacation. A glistening, bright blue ocean, a cold drink in one hand and a good book in the other. Music blares...

Palaces colorful album cover. Visual artist Jonathan Zawada created the cover as well as the albums other related visuals.
Palaces reigns supreme
Philip Rotondo May 31, 2022

Harley Streten, who makes music under the name Flume, doesn’t make obvious artistic decisions. Following two successful albums in 2012 and...

Upcoming summer 2022 TV shows and movies
Upcoming summer 2022 TV shows and movies
Dania Reza and Natalie Vu May 31, 2022

As summer arrives, a variety of studios are premiering and reviving shows and movies. Ranging from the anticipated season 4 of Stranger Things,...

Social media app BeReal gains popularity
Social media app BeReal gains popularity
Sandra Cheng and Madelyn Frederick May 27, 2022

  BeReal, a social media app originally launched in 2019, is rapidly gaining popularity with Generation Z users. McLean students are...

Head Over Heels: McLeans best show yet
Head Over Heels: McLean's best show yet
Tara Pandey and Liz Nedelescu May 1, 2022

Despite countless last-minute challenges that eventually resulted in the show’s official delay, TheatreMcLean was able to put on an incredible...

Hollywoods newest competitor presents a wide selection of titles at any time for any genre. Streaming platforms are taking center stage for their flexible design, especially compared to movie theaters.
Hollywood’s growing competitor: Netflix
Melissa Allegretti, Reporter • April 30, 2022

Hollywood has been dominated by entertainment behemoths for decades, but rapidly-growing Netflix is beginning to steal some limelight. Its deep...

Energy Drinks: Whats worth purchasing?
Energy Drinks: What's worth purchasing?
Noah Barnes and Kaan Kocabal April 16, 2022

Bang energy: 3/5 Bang tasted like grape soda. The sickly sweet taste was easy to get tired of, and after a few sips, we did not feel the...

The social media app TikTok has helped many books quickly rise to fame. BookTok, as it is known, has become one of the most popular subdomains on the app.
BookTok hits: What's worth reading?
Grace Gould and Hanna Boughanem April 14, 2022

Reading and the social media app TikTok, two domains once  mutually exclusive, have collided into a subdomain known as "BookTok." The niche...

Chicken sandwich showdown
Chicken sandwich showdown
Josh Bass and Peter Shumway April 13, 2022

Mélange This DC eatery is in a class of its own, as Chef Elias Taddesse blends French and Ethiopian flavors into a classic American burger...

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