Student business succeeds during quarantine

Local brand takes off amid pandemic


The founders of Shouseville pose for a photo. The company has exploded since its founding in late March.

Amazon. Google. Apple. Shouseville. What do all these world-renowned empires have in common? They all started with an idea and a basement.

Shouseville LLC, formed by eight members of the well known Shouse Village in Vienna, VA, first opened their car doors to business on March 30.

Thomas Balistrere, Aaron Bremser, Evan Bremser, Mawni Mahdavi, Wesley Nostrand, Lucius Overby, Andrew Weinstock and Sean Weinstock founded the company together with hopes to represent their neighborhood.

“We all thought it would be cool to start our own brand, something that we could all stand for and take pride in,” junior co-founder Aaron Bremser said. “The idea came to us naturally.”

On the brink of redistricting, instead of advocating possible solutions to the school board, these students have opted to sell merchandise and create their own community brand.

With one of the biggest pandemics in recent history, the newly formed company has been forced to adapt.

“Coronavirus has not affected [business] at all,” Bremser said. 

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Shouseville prides themselves on a hassle-free order experience. After a simple exchange of messages through Instagram or a request through their website, the order is immediately prepared.

“When I ordered my Shouseville hoodie, I received it in 45 minutes. When I ordered my shirt, it came in 30 minutes. Their service is unmatched,” sophomore customer Zach Hasan said.

To speed up the shipping process, the brand hand-delivers all merchandise to the doorstep by car. After the customer receives their order, they are prompted to take a picture holding the merchandise, which is then uploaded to Shouseville’s social media.

The group has expanded upon their media presence by creating a YouTube channel to provide comical relief during unprecedented times. The group has collaborated with multiple other well known YouTubers, the most popular being Aiden Owen (DC Heat), who has over 850k subscribers. 

“We just always have one goal at all times, to produce content and to keep getting bigger,” Bremser said. “Stay on the lookout for us, because we are on the come up.”