Spotify Wrapped returns

McLean students and staff take a look back at what they listened to throughout 2021


Scott Shields

Students compare their Spotify Wrapped statistics. Users can view their top artists, songs, genres and minutes listened to, as well as a percentile that describes where they place among their top artist’s listeners.

It’s that time of year again; as the temperature keeps dropping and the holiday season enters full swing, Instagram stories are flooded with shares of top artists, songs and minutes listened. It’s the sixth time Spotify has hosted “Wrapped,” an exclusive feature that allows listeners to view their listening habits throughout the year.

“Music is a thing that a lot of people really invest themselves in, and to see all of it as comparable and shareable statistics that you can share with friends is a really cool concept to a lot of people,” junior Conan Kimmett said.
Kimmett’s top artist was rapper Kanye West, who had a big year with the release of his album “Donda.”

“I had around 88,000 minutes of listening. It was a bit higher than expected,” Kimmett said.
But it’s not just students that are looking back at their year of music.
“You don’t realize what you’re listening to on repeat, or what the genres are, you kind of just listen to things as they go along,” English teacher Diana Glaser said. “So it’s really fun to see what the data that is collected from Spotify is.”
Glaser’s top artists were the Jonas Brothers, which she saw coming.

“It was not a surprise to me in any way, shape, or form. I went to their concert in September,” Glaser said.
Wrapped also provides listeners with a chance to rediscover music they may have forgotten or grown tired of. The feature’s easy-to-share format is part of the reason why it’s been so successful, and reaches users with the appeal of something they interact with every day: music.

“I listen to music all the time,” junior Nandita Boddu said. “It helps me focus when I need to, and has the ability to change my emotions and help me form better relationships with people.”

Most of all, Spotify Wrapped serves as a testament to the impact of music in the modern world.

“A lot of people have Spotify, so it’s fun to compare and see what other people are listening to as well,” Glaser said. “And maybe it makes genuine connections between people.”