Highlanders weigh in on Wegmans

The new Wegmans is a local favorite


Michelle Cheng

The new Wegmans, located in Tysons, sells a variety of pre-made foods in a warm atmosphere.

After months of construction in the Capital One Center in Tysons, the new Wegmans is finally complete. This grocery store is 80,000 square feet and has unique features such as indoor dining and a variety of different fresh food stands inside the supermarket. While it faces stiff competition from  more established grocery stores in the McLean area, such as Whole Foods and Giant, Wegmans is becoming a routine stop for many students and teachers at McLean.

“I have been super excited for Wegmans to open nearby since it was announced 2-3 years ago,” math teacher Dr. Crissie Ricketts said. “Wegmans on Route 28 has been my primary grocery store for over 2 years.”

However, Ricketts noted that the new Tysons location does not carry as many products as the Route 28 location.

“[The Tysons] store is more compact and does not carry a few items that I regularly bought [at the Route 28 location], such as Caesar croutons [and] chicken marsala in the pre-made meals section,” Ricketts said.

Though its size is small for a Wegmans, the Tysons location continues to offer a unique grocery store experience because of the vast variety of pre-made food.

“My family gets sushi from Wegmans almost every week, [and] I recommend getting their sushi and charcuterie,” senior Amanda Pardo said. “It’s all really fresh, good quality, and inexpensive.”

Other customers have also been satisfied with the store’s quality of fresh food, a hallmark of the Wegmans chain.

“Their pre-made naan crust pizzas are excellent,” Ricketts said. “The fresh sliced prosciutto is pre-apportioned. There are pre-washed and pre-cut Brussels sprouts that I love to cook. The sushi is quite good.”

Overall, the new Wegmans has positively influenced Highlander grocery shopping.

“I would definitely shop at Wegmans over other grocery stores,” Pardo said. “It has a lot more variety of options and the food is better quality.”

The newly opened Wegmans in Tysons Corner livestreams the entrance to the store so visitors can see if there is a line.