Pilot Peter Weber successfully lands his role as the Bachelor

Dashing young Peter Weber began his flight as The Bachelor Jan. 6


BACHELOR PREMIER- Bachelor fan intently watches the exciting new premier of Peter’s season. To learn more about the show, visit their instagram @bachelorabc.

The season premiere of The Bachelor was an episode full of turbulence, with lots of drama. Before the actual episode began, there were flash forwards of the excitement the season was to include. 

“I love Peter as the Bachelor, I think he’s the sweetest person ever, but I think he’s a little too sensitive, and might be manipulated throughout the process,” sophomore Michaela Aka said.

Each of the thirty girls exited their limo and passionately introduced themselves to Peter. Almost all of the introductions included some sort of airplane pun. However, some of the girls’ initial reactions to him were over the top. 

“I know it’s a reality TV show, so it’s going to be overdramatic, but I feel like some of the girls act like they’re already in love with him, even though they just met him,” sophomore Amelia Badipour said. 

To conclude the first night, Hannah Anne, a model from Tennessee earns the first impression rose after giving Peter a painting, and interrupting other girls multiple times while they are talking to Peter. The rose signifies she will automatically make it to the next round.

Peter sends home a few girls, and the next day begins with a group date, at none other than a flight school. However, Kelly, who had coincidentally met Peter before the start of the show, cheated in an obstacle course and wins a sunset flight with him. 

“I thought that the flying school date looked like a fun date, but the competition with Kelly cheating was very unfair, and the [night portion of the date] was in the same hotel that Kelly and Peter met was also extremely unfair” Badipour said. 

The episode then continued to a one on one date with Madison, a beautiful southern girl from Alabama. This date happens to be a ceremony of Peter’s parents renewing their vows. 

“Although I really like Madison, [the contestants] usually don’t meet the bachelor’s family until the last date, so the fact that she got to meet his family on the first date is not fair to the girls” Badipour said. 

The most shocking part of the premier was when Hannah Brown, Peter’s ex girlfriend and the previous Bachelorette, appeared twice throughout the episode. Peter and Hannah shared a deep heartfelt conversation about their past relationship. 

“It’s weird that Hannah B keeps coming back. Her first appearance was ok, acceptable, I get it. Second one though, stop coming back. The book is closed, and she can’t play with his heart anymore instead of letting him have his bachelor experience” Aka said. 

The rest of the season will be a flight filled with ups and downs, as Pilot Pete decides which girl will be his co-pilot, and which girls are just baggage.

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