A spirited start to winter break

Never failing to impress, Highlanders kick off winter break with performances from the jazz band, chorus, and orchestra at this year’s holiday concert



Seniors Ed Chamberlyne, Miles Miller, and Luke Saunders prepare to slam together the clappers, providing “Sleigh Ride” with its special sound effect.

Thomas Lohman, Reporter

The orchestra played “Sleigh Ride” while fake snow magically fell from the ceiling of the auditorium onto the stage. This year’s annual holiday concert was coming to end, marking the official start to winter break, and Highlanders once again left raving about incredible saxophone solos and whimsical chorus songs.

Senior Zazi Halla, co-captain of the Armonia chorus, performed in her last holiday concert and believes that there is something special about the tradition.

“I think that it is special getting to perform with the orchestra and jazz band,” Halla said. “Listening to the jazz band is always my favorite part.”

As for her own chorus, Armonia, preparations had to be made in a short time between the chorus’s annual Boars Head performance at the beginning of December, and the holiday concert.

“At Boars Head we had a little mix-up,” Halla said. “So before this one, we performed each of the songs, one right after another, so that we would be ready.”

As for a favorite song her chorus performed, Halla thinks that she has an unpopular opinion.

“I liked the Latvian carol,” Halla said. “I know it wasn’t most people’s favorite but I just think it was a really pretty song and had a nice message.”

No matter the song, Highlanders agreed that the chorus nailed this year’s holiday concert.

“This year was especially good, I thought,” senior, Rebecca Ryan, said. “Chorus really stepped it up from past years.”