Games to Look Forward to in 2019

7 highly anticipated video games releasing during the end of 2019.

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Games to Look Forward to in 2019

Jackson Clayton, Reporter

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September to December is arguably the best time to be playing video games, most major game publishers release their most anticipated games during this season, here are seven major games releasing in the next few months to warn your wallet about.

Photo Courtesy of Nintendo

1. Mario Kart Tour: (Sept 25th)

Releasing on: iOS and Android

A new mobile take on the Mario Kart franchise for iOS and Android with new tracks taking place in real-world locations along with classic tracks. Mario Kart Tour mixes up many of the gameplay elements from previous games to make it feel better on mobile, including the ability to hold multiple items and the fact that it is played in portrait mode. Cosmetics debut to help spice-up each of your racers. You can currently pre-register for it on the app store and Google Play Store.

Photo Courtesy of Nintendo

2. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening: (Nintendo Switch, Sept 20th)

Releasing on: Nintendo Switch

This remake of the Game Boy Classic of the same name has you play as Link, who wakes up stranded on Koholint Island after a nasty ship crash. It updates the 26-year old’s graphics with an eye-pleasing claymation-inspired Plasticine art style. This is technically the second remaster of the game boy original, the first being released on the Game Boy Color in 1998. The game also includes new content, including the ability to create and play custom dungeons.

Photo Courtesy of Bethesda

3. Doom Eternal: (November 22)

Releasing on: PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch

The direct sequel to Bethesda’s highly successful Doom reboot will retell the story of 1994’s “Doom 2” with many twists, turns, and demons.

Photo Courtesy of Activision

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: (October 25th)

Releasing on: PS4, Xbox One, and PC

A reboot of the Modern Warfare series with some familiar faces and a new take on the gameplay. It will be changing the tone from previous games to be darker and more realistic. It will be the first game in the series to feature cross-play, which means that PS4 players, Xbox One players, and PC players will all be able to play together.

Photo Courtesy of Nintendo

5. Luigi’s Mansion 3: (October 31st)

Releasing on: Nintendo Switch

This new installment in the Luigi’s Mansion series sees Luigi sent to a haunted hotel to capture ghosts. It also features a new “ScreamPark” multiplayer mode for up to 8 players to enjoy.

Photo Courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment

6. The Outer Worlds (October 25th)

Releasing on: PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch

A new RPG from Obsidian Entertainment, the developers of Fallout: New Vegas. It is set at the edge of colony space, where you wake up early from cryosleep to discover that most of your fellow passengers are still asleep, and worse, that your ship’s light-speed travel broke. During your adventure, you explore the nearby colonies to see the true nature of the futuristic corporations.

Photo Courtesy of Game Freak

7. Pokemon Sword and Shield: (November 15th)

Releasing on: Nintendo Switch

The newest Pokemon game set in the Great Britain-inspired Galar region. It features a new expansive open-world environment with many gameplay changes to modernize the series.

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