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New Fallout game lets down many

Fallout 76 has finally arrived in the hands of gamers

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New Fallout game lets down many

Brandon Sauter, Reporter

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Bethesda Games is one of the world’s most popular game developers for all genres. One of their most notable game series is Fallout 4, a hit roleplaying game with an amazing open world. Unfortunately this year’s Fallout game, Fallout 76, has completely changed up the formula.

Seventy Six was hyped up by many as the culmination of of Fallout 4’s gorgeous gameplay and immersion mixed with Fallout 3’s seamless storytelling.

“It was a let down, I couldn’t believe I was fooled out of $60,” junior Alex Bahmanyar said.

Fallout 76 simply isn’t a Fallout game, its played like an online game with no set story, instead players spend mind numbing hours completing useless tasks. It’s a grind where the reward is nonexistent.

“After 10 hours of gametime it felt like I was running in place, the more I played the less I felt like I was completing the game,” sophomore Luke Pedula said.

Many players feel similar to Pedula and have deemed the game as an instant refund. If the game was more thought out maybe the results of the critics would be different.

“It feels like the whole game was made in one day at some guy’s basement,” Bahmanyar said.

The consensus of Reddit users is that this game won’t last very long unless some immediate changes are made to help the player feel immersed.

“For now I’m leaving the game alone I don’t feel like wasting my time,” sophomore Ahmed Yassir said.

The majority of students are very dissatisfied with this game describing it as a mind numbing grind. Before you buy make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

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