Volume of Smoke comes to a close

TheatreMcLean's first show is a success

photo courtesy of TheatreMcLean

photo courtesy of TheatreMcLean

Maren Kranking, Features & Design Editor

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This past weekend, TheatreMcLean showed Volume of Smoke, its first production of the year. The show centers on the devastating fire that burned down a Richmond theater in 1811.

“The play is a series of monologues describing first-hand encounters of people who were in the fire, responsible for the fire, witnessed the fire, and the people who decided to take action after the fire,” junior cast member Alexandra Lagos said.

Volume of Smoke cast members rehearse after school. (photo courtesy of TheatreMcLean)

The show had four showings from Nov. 16 through 19. As it could be seen through the detailed set, well-rehearsed actors, and elaborate costumes and makeup, the department spent a lot of time on the show.

“The actors and tech have been working seriously hard on their characters and designs,” stage manager Kylie Coffey said. “Set, makeup, and costumes especially have been working crazy hard on their distressing and burns.”

Rehearsals began for Volume of Smoke in early September, and the cast and crew have worked through many 12-hour long tech rehearsals. Their hard work was visible during their shows.

“Personally, I thought people were surprised at how thought-provoking and moving it was,” Lagos said. “I thought the shows really made an impact on our audiences and all of the shows received positive reactions.”

Helen Ganley, a junior who attended the production, enjoyed the gripping nature of the show.

“[The show] was great, I really enjoyed myself and liked the break from the classic comedies that high schools usually perform,” Ganley said.

The show closed this Sunday, Nov. 19, provoking emotion in the actors who had spent much time and energy producing Volume of Smoke.

“It’s hard to let go of all of the hard work you put in just to see it be stripped down so fast,” Lagos said.

TheatreMcLean’s next production is 9 to 5, a musical that will be the department’s Cappies show. Preparation has already begun; cast and crew members began preparatory work and choreography for the musical during the summer. With Volume of Smoke finished, the department is ready to move on to the next show.

“9 to 5 looks like it’ll be amazing…definitely a must-see,” Ganley said.

The cast of Volume of Smoke poses for a press photo. (photo courtesy of TheatreMcLean)

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