Top 3 Vloggers on the internet

Colin Edson, Reporter

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Casey Neistat

What can I say about Casey Neistat? Say no more. In my opinion, Casey Neistat is one of the most talented YouTubers out there. Not only does he make vlogs often, but he also makes other videos on top of that that truly exhibit his flair for camera work. On top of his skills, he has only the best equipment such as top-of-the line cameras and the best drones on the market.
The best part of Neistat’s vlogs is that he always keeps it fresh. His videos are never the same even though he uploads at least one almost every single day. He uses a range of techniques such as time-lapses, whip-pan transitions, and drone footage, which keep his videos interesting.
He has been vlogging for over two years and has already reached seven million subscribers, and he is still going strong. His vlogs are not like any other vlogs on the internet because he doesn’t talk into the camera about his day for the majority of the vides, instead he uses his wide range of refined camera work to capture his daily surroundings and happenings. His camera work does most of the talking, which makes his vlogs more intriguing.
Moreover, he is one of the most experienced filmmakers on YouTube. He has been making movies and videos since he was a teen when he maxed his credit card to buy his first camera. A few years later, he made a series with his brother and sold it HBO for a few million dollars.
In my opinion he is one of the best YouTubers on the internet and is absolutely worth checking out.


I just started watching BFvsGF, but I already really do like them as vloggers. They are a great couple and great people in general and they bring great energy to the vlogs that make their videos really fun to watch.
In their vlogs, they are always together and they do everyday things but they make them seem not-everyday.
BFvsGF makes great vlogs and they are totally worth checking out and even subscribing to.


RomanAtwood vlogs are simply great. Say no more. Great camera-work and great content. He uploads almost everyday and his videos are totally entertaining. He does a lot of work with his family, which make his videos great for a family watch.
Definitely check his vlogs out if you think family is important!

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Top 3 Vloggers on the internet