Varsity girls softball team runs feminine product drive

Varsity softball team spearheads drive to support women in sports


Alexa Sribar

One of the donation boxes set up by the varsity softball team for their feminine product drive. This box is in the red hallway near the rock side entrance. Contributions to the drive are highly encouraged and appreciated.

When it comes to playing sports, it’s essential to have the right equipment for maximal performance. For female athletes, menstrual hygiene is an additional concern, leading to the launch of a feminine product drive by the girls varsity softball team at McLean.

“Being a female athlete, it’s important to take additional care of yourself.” varsity sophomore pitcher Hailey Simpson said. “It’s a lot of pressure sometimes being expected to perform your best even when you don’t feel your best.”  

Despite being a natural and unavoidable part of life, menstruation is still stigmatized and often shrouded in secrecy. This can especially be challenging for young athletes who may feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help. 

“[For athletes that feel uncomfortable], I would [tell them] it’s natural and it happens to everyone and you’ll make it through. It is nothing to be embarrassed of,” Simpson said. 

In response, the McLean girls varsity softball team has taken action by organizing a menstrual product drive to help their fellow athletes. The team has recognized that these products can be expensive and at times difficult to access, which has inspired them to take initiative and begin their fundraising.  

“The goal of the drive is to empower female athletes and have good and accessible hygiene,” Simpson said. “We didn’t have a set [goal] because each product is valuable to us, the goal is to just raise as much as we can.”

The team emphasizes how important it is to contribute to the drive, as even one product can make a difference to the lives of other women and athletes. 

“Anything is appreciated in regards to donations. We could use as much as we can get,” Simpson said.  

Decorative boxes are placed around the school, such as by the rockside entrance in the red hallway, for students to take initiative and participate in donating to the cause.

“[The team] wanted to show that we’re not just athletes, and that we can do things within our community to help an important cause,” Simpson said. “We know that [feminine hygiene] doesn’t get a lot of recognition and we thought we should help out.