The Mandalorian lives up to it’s hype

Arin Kang , Cartoonist

The Mandalorian is finally released with much anticipation from fans of the Star Wars franchise. The show was released along with the launch of Disney + and takes place after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. The show follows our protagonist, the Mandalorian, who is a skilled bounty hunter that journeys among the galaxy.

The Mandalorian’s script offers a perfect dialogue that is successful in revealing characters, key story and plot information, as well as mood and tone. The viewers are able to understand and follow the plot through the dialogue without it being forced on them. It develops the character of the protagonist’s mysterious character by offering him very few lines and expressing his needs through actions instead. Each and every second of the show has detailed and realistic settings that are able to set the tone of each act and give the viewers the feeling that they are there themselves. Monsters and other creatures are carefully rendered out with CGI to the level of a high-budget Hollywood movie. However, at times the animations of the lip-sync of a few supporting creatures are unnatural and badly timed.

Keeping up with the script’s success, the cast was also capable of showcasing astonishing acting skills. Pedro Pascal, the actor of the Mandalorian, does a great job of embodying his quite cold and mysterious character despite being unable to deliver any facial expressions due to his mask. He does this by restraining emotions in his actions and voice. Other supporting characters also do a job on keeping up with the acting quality of the main character.

Overall, The Mandalorian is a thrilling show with a story that keeps the audience compelled. The quality of the show from the set to acting is unbelievably good for a tv show. Along with that, the plot is unpredictable and it’s dialogues aren’t cliche or cheesy. I am definitely excited for upcoming episodes.