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Halloween for halloweenies

Grace Gould, Online Features Editor October 22, 2020

Every year in October, many people rush to enjoy their favorite scary Halloween movies. But being a scaredy-cat doesn't mean someone should have to miss out on the fun.  Below are the top five best Halloween...

An iPhone is shown with the phone number keypad on the screen. The iPhones unveiled today mark a major improvement in Apples lineup. (Picture obtained via Creative Commons)

Apple’s Oct. 13 event: “Hi, Speed.”

Arnav Gupta, Online News Editor October 13, 2020

Apple unveiled the iPhone 12 today, and it marks a steady improvement in their lineup of advanced smartphones. Along with the new boxy form factor, their newest phones offer 5G connectivity for the...

BLACKPINKs THE ALBUM is a misstep for the Korean pop superstars. (YG Entertainment/Interscope Records)

THE ALBUM: BLACKPINK misses the mark

Akash Balenalli, Website Editor-in-Chief October 10, 2020

Sensation is an understatement when describing K-Pop group BLACKPINK, second only to worldwide icons BTS. They debuted in 2016 under Korean pop company YG Entertainment and became international icons through...

2020 with a “Special” Twist

Katie Romhilt, Photography Editor October 8, 2020

The South Park Pandemic Special: something we all needed but didn’t know we did. In their hilarious manner, the team behind South Park does not fail to produce deeper messages in their satire. Following...

SHOTS FIRED - Enola Holmes is adept in many fields such as archery, physics and Jiu Jitsu.

Enola Holmes is a stand “alone” movie

Grace Gould, Online Features Editor October 5, 2020

Look out world, there's a new Sherlock Holmes in town and hopefully she's here to stay. Enola Holmes provides a new, progressive take on mystery movies, told through the eyes of a teenage girl who is as...

The Apple Watch Series 6 was the first product introduced, and it received some important upgrades. [Obtained via Creative Commons]

Major announcements at Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ event

Arnav Gupta, Online News Editor September 15, 2020

Apple's "Time Flies" event was their first fall event of the year, and they revamped two major products: iPad and Apple Watch. Viewers watched the event from a live stream online, either on Apple's...

The Goat, Album Review

The Goat, Album Review

Paarth Soni, Online Sports Editor May 21, 2020

With not much to do in quarantine, many students anticipate the release of rapper, Taurus Bartlett’s latest project, The Goat. Bartlett is a famous Chicago rapper who goes by the name, Polo G, and has...

Photo Credit: Epic Records

Future’s High Off Life

Noah Barnes, Reporter May 15, 2020

Future is a veteran in the rap game, and anything he drops is guaranteed to do numbers. His new album "High Off Life" (released May 15) explores his story of broken relationships, riches, drugs, and his...

Drake looks back at his past in his latest release.

A Drake demo for dark times

Noah Barnes, Reporter May 11, 2020

Quarantine has left us with an unprecedented amount of time to ourselves, perhaps more than we would like. This is reflected in the massive deluge of new music that has been released recently. Many notable...

Time for takeout

Time for takeout

Heran Essayas, Opinions Editor May 1, 2020

Restaurants in Downtown Mc:ean by Heran Essayas

Too Predictable to Handle (spoilers)

Maya Amman, Features Editor May 1, 2020

One by one, the contestants entered paradise believing that this would be the best summer of their lives. Little did they know that they would face many challenges and obstacles to achieve the $100,000...

Tiger King: Behind the murder, mayhem and madness

Tiger King: Behind the murder, mayhem and madness

Grace Gould, Online Features Editor April 27, 2020

Filled with people who seem too crazy to be real, foiled murder-for-hire plots, and of course, tigers, Netflix’s ‘Tiger King: Murder Mayhem and Madness’ has captured the attention of millions of...

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