Seniors then and now

McLean Highlanders and staff compare their senior years

The senior year is a rite of passage for every high schooler as they transition into college. No matter when students have graduated, they have often experienced the same pride and sadness at leaving the school they’ve known for so long.

“[Senior year] was the best year of high school, hands down!” counselor Jennifer Fernandez said. “We had our most memorable moments from our class trip to Six Flags to prom and everything in between!“

However, there are also noticeable differences between senior years, especially for this year’s graduating class. These are some of the differences between the senior years of the class of 2022 and the senior years of McLean staff members.


Stress and Pressure

College Admissions

High school is often a defining moment in every student’s life. While there, they can pick up valuable and useful lessons, many of which they will carry with themselves throughout the rest of their lives.

“I learned small lessons, like how to prioritize my time between work and school,” Fernandez said. “I also learned bigger life lessons, like accepting that friendships ebb and flow, and that’s what made [high school] so special.”