Senior lounge construction underway

McLean administration approves senior lounge gift from Class of 2022


Emily Friedman

Seniors JT Fulkerson, Jackson Canter and Will Scherer discuss the construction of the senior lounge, a gift from the class of 2022.

Seniors in the class of 2022 are donating a senior lounge to the school as part of the annual senior gift tradition. The lounge is currently in construction and will be located in a small room adjacent to the cafeteria.
“Dr. Reilly wanted [the class of 2022] to make a small donation, like a bench, but I said we had to go above and beyond,” Student Government Association President Arman Nikmorad said.

“I looked in the archives of The Highlander and I saw that in 2001 they built a senior lounge, but it was poorly constructed, it was poorly managed, and the freshmen took over the lounge.”

After Nikmorad drew inspiration from the class of 2001’s plan, he set to work along with some senior friends. His version of the lounge will feature a foosball table, 65-inch television, bean bag chairs and tables.The gift to future McLean seniors is a large investment, and it required a significant upfront cost.

“[The senior lounge is] costing between $2,500 and $3,500,” principal Ellen Reilly said. “The furniture will probably come in this summer, and we will try to get foosball before [the 2022 seniors] leave. Then we will do the floors.”
Nikmorad’s friends have helped him prepare the lounge, but he doesn’t want to stop at a single investment and year of construction.

“It is going to be a rolling donation, Nikomorad said. “The idea is that every class council will donate something, like ping pong equipment.”

The lounge will provide future McLean seniors with a private space to relax and recuperate away from other students. As of now, the school has said they’ll be allowed to use the lounge at any time during the school day; the student council will decide on more specific rules next year, when the lounge is open to students. It’s not just students, though—even administrators are thinking of ways to improve the lounge.

“We also thought about class shirts, and how every class will frame their shirt and put it on the wall,” Reilly said.

The security team is also cooperating in the construction of the lounge, quelling fears that the class gift might be vandalized or severely damaged.

“There will also be security equipment. [Head of Security, Buddy] Sekely will try to install a camera,” Nikmorad said. “Kids that have concerns regarding the lounge getting destroyed won’t have to worry.”

In the end, Nikmorad truly hopes that his class’ gift to the school will not end like it did in 2001.

“I really hope the senior lounge will be a collaborative effort over the next 4 or 5 years, and that all seniors enjoy their senior year with that nice little spot for them to relax,” he said.