Energy Drinks: What’s worth purchasing?

Not all energy drinks pack a flavorful punch

Bang energy: 3/5

Bang tasted like grape soda. The sickly sweet taste was easy to get tired of, and after a few sips, we did not feel the need to finish the can. The long ingredient list with many unfamiliar words was disconcerting. It gave us a boost of energy, but we felt jittery and weak rather than refreshed. The flavor was the strong point of this drink, but it was not worth the price. Soda would be a better alternative.

Mountain Dew Energy: 1/5

Our first sip of Mountain Dew Energy immediately overwhelmed us with strawberry flavor. However, the aftertaste was too fizzy, and the taste quickly died out. Drinking it made us both feel a little sick to our stomachs. While the drink gave us a small boost of energy, it was not worth it overall.

Ani Energy: 2/5

Looking at the can, Ani seems much healthier than its competitors, boasting real cane sugar and caffeine from green coffee beans. The first sip was a pleasant blast of fizzy black cherry. While the initial taste was great, an aftertaste resembling that of dental toothpaste ruined the drink for us, and we were not enthused to take a second sip. Although Ani was a disappointment, at least it had a good initial flavor.

Prime Energy: 4/5

I was highly anticipating trying Prime, as it was recently launched by famous YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI. The drink was super sweet and packed a great tropical punch flavor. We were surprised how sweet it tasted given that it only had 2 grams of sugar. Prime left us hydrated and refreshed after drinking, and we would definitely purchase it again.