Students attend candy scavenger hunt around the school

International club hosts event to raise Halloween spirit while remaining cultural


Dania Reza

Students gather together at the end of the hunt with their food and candy. The International Club hopes to spark student interest with fun activities like their hunt.

Laughter, cheering, and excitement can be heard throughout the halls of McLean High School. On Oct. 27, the International Club hosted a candy scavenger hunt, where students went around the school in search of international candies.

Since Halloween is a couple of days away, the club officers wanted to give students a fun experience that would also help them gain more knowledge about different cultures from around the world. 

“There were candies representing India, Spain, Japan, and the United States, plus apple cider and snacks,” club president Kate Hernandez said. “The locations varied around the school, from the mods to blue hallway, and red hallway to green hallway.”

After they located the candy, students received trivia questions about international cultures. If they responded correctly to the questions, they were allowed to collect the candy and move on to search for the other locations. 

“The purpose of the candy hunt was to have a fun interactive way to learn about different cultures. It was also a fun Halloween experience,” Hernandez said.

Students who participated enjoyed themselves and hope that the International Club hosts more events like these.

“The hunt was really fun and exciting. It was a way to lift my spirits after a tiring day of school,” sophomore Iman Monday said. “These types of activities will encourage more people to join and see that the International Club is a very fun and cool environment.”

Overall, the international candy hunt was a success. Hernandez hopes these types of events encourage new students to join the club, as they want to expand their club. 

“We want to see new faces in our meetings,” Hernandez said. “We will definitely have more exciting events coming soon!”

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