Homecoming pep rally hits the field

First pep rally since 2019 before the homecoming game against Yorktown

McLean hosted the first pep rally since 2019. This year, because of the pandemic, the rally took place at the football stadium instead of the lower gym where it was traditionally held in past years. The school altered the schedule for class schedule for the day in order to fit the pep rally in, replacing Highlander Time and changing the order of the periods.

Like most events this year, the rally had some changes due to COVID-19.
”In the past there were two [pep rallies] because they have been in the gym and the whole school can fit,” leadership student Rebecca Hatanpaa said. “Now…we are outside on the football field because of [the pandemic] and we have enough bleacher room to fit the entire school into one pep rally.”
The Leadership class, which planned the pep rally and other Spirit Week activities, had to multitask on the rally and other events.
“Even though we all work together, the Leadership class divides into groups and is in charge of their own section,” Hatanpaa said. “There are four games and lots of performances and announcements, so… it makes things easier to plan.”
There was a large variety of games that people outside of Leadership had the chance to participate in during the rally.
“I participated in the student teacher soccer game,” junior Leah Sandler said. “It was fun because it wasn’t regular soccer and because we got to play with our friends against the teachers.”
Overall, the community of McLean enjoyed the first pep rally back from COVID and online school.
“I love how it felt to have everyone all together again since COVID and all getting excited for homecoming weekend,” junior Kate Gleason said. “The only thing I didn’t like was it being outside because in the gym it’s a lot easier to see and hear everything that is going on.”