Highlanders get together at Celebrate McLean

Members of the McLean community attended Celebrate McLean to learn more about the school and spend time with classmates


Emily Yoo

Gather Around – Students get together to paint the backs of their shirts.

Walking out onto the practice football field on Sept. 17, members of the McLean community were met with many enthusiastic students and teachers promoting clubs, music, and a variety of fun activities. 

Celebrate McLean gave students the opportunity to learn more about plenty of clubs here at McLean High School.

“I really enjoyed Celebrate McLean,” sophomore Owen Loucks said. “I found out about a few new clubs and am very interested in joining Best Buddies and Young Democrats.”

The event also helped parents learn more about what the school year has been like so far for their children. Teachers were also located all around the school to answer parents’ questions and tell them about their classes.

“Administration always likes to give our community options, so if there were some parents who wanted to come in and chat with teachers on their way to Celebrate McLean, they wanted teachers to be available,” counselor and head of McLeadership Gregory Olcott said. 

Students volunteered to represent their clubs with makeshift stands scattered throughout the practice football field. The people running them got the chance to explain what their clubs were about, and many clubs attracted potential new members.

“It was really great getting the chance to spread the word about our club,” said co-founder of McMed and senior Franny Stroik. 

Besides being able to learn more about clubs, students were also able to partake in a variety of fun activities, with the paint-up event standing out among students.

“My favorite part of Celebrate McLean was getting the paint splattered on me for the football game,” Loucks said. 

Overall, the event was a success, and adults in the building were glad to see it all come together.

Not only did the weather clear to leave us with a beautiful afternoon, but the event was attended by a huge amount of people,” Olcott said. “Students were representing their clubs hard, and the vibe was super positive!”

Students also seemed to enjoy this chance to spend time with friends and become a part of the McLean community. 

“I really enjoyed Celebrate McLean and getting to walk around and see all these clubs I had never heard of,” Loucks said. “I would 100% go to Celebrate McLean next year!”