Ebola’s comeback

The famous Ebola is making a comeback in Congo

With Coronavirus effecting millions, the Ebolas comeback in the worst possible time.

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With Coronavirus effecting millions, the Ebola’s comeback in the worst possible time.

People around the world are calling 2020 the worst year in history. Memes about 2020 have been all over social media. It seems like every day, we hear news about another serious issue going on somewhere in the world. On June 1st, news broke out about the famous virus called Ebola that killed eleven thousand people in Africa. WIth Covid-19 killing thousands and affecting millions, this news just makes things worse. 

Officials reported that there were cases of what seemed to be dead Ebola in Congo. Experts are working to prevent another serious virus from breaking out during these tough times. Congo has already been hit with the Coronavirus and Measles and with Ebola cases, many people’s lives are in danger. 

Unlike Covid-19, Ebola was mostly in the continent of Africa but with Coronavirus being able to spread over the world in a matter of months seems like this Ebola case is more serious than people thought. 

“Ebola again, there’s already corona and now this is crazy,” sophomore Jacob Miller said.

There’s a very low chance of Ebola traveling to the U.S. but with the effect of coronavirus being very huge, this news is causing many people to fear for their lives even more. With schools closed and people’s daily lives dramatically changed, the chance of Ebola reaching the U.S. would likely be deadly and cause massive chaos