Corona cancels traditional AP exams

Drastic changes have been made to testing procedures

In lieu of the current Coronavirus pandemic, many states have issued a state of emergency and are currently on lockdown. People have been recommended to stay self quarantined and practice social distancing, avoiding all contact with others. Schools have closed, workers are now teleworking if possible, and not even AP exams are exempt from corona’s effects.

Typically AP exams are held on a designated day and within a location within the school with testing conditions being the same for all students across the nation. With the current pandemic the congregation of groups over ten people is not recommended and in some states, like California, leaving the house requires identification and paperwork making going out to test not viable for everyone.

In order to respect the fairness and integrity of the AP exams as well as the safety of students nationwide, College Board has cancelled traditional face to face exams.

To ensure students taking AP courses receive their chance at obtaining college credit, the College Board has issued an alternative exam to be taken by students digitally from the safety of their homes. This test will be a considerably shorter exam and can be done from tablet, smartphone, or computer.

There will be two testing dates for every exam and students are to pick which date they want to test on. The full exam schedule and all testing dates will be released by Apr. 3.

Changes to the fundamental exam have been made as well. As Covid-19 has caused certain schools to close earlier than others and denied some students fair educational experience, only units covered up till March 6 will be tested.
Most of the tests will consist of a multiple choice exam and FRQ portion if this applies to the subject. Courses that require work to be shown on the exam will be done digitally through photographs and other means of digital evidence. The guidelines for each exam and what is to be expected on the exam is posted on the College Board website.

Until AP exams start, College Board is releasing free live AP review lessons on Mar. 25 to ensure students have their educational needs met for the exams. According to the College Board, they understand that students may not have access to digital resources needed to take the AP exams from home and are working towards providing all students a fair chance.
If any student needs a digital resource, the College Board says to contact them and they will attempt to create a means for the student to take the exam.

For students who choose not to test there will be full refunds. The typical $40 cancellation fee has been nullified and College Board will refund the exam cost in full.