To All the Boys: P.S. This Sequel Wasn’t Necessary

The second movie was disappointing to say the least (spoilers ahead)

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” might have helped start Noah Centineo’s career in the spotlight, but the sequel to this movie should be kept in the shadows.

“To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You,” was disappointing from beginning to end. It started with Lara Jean Covey, played by Lana Candor, and Peter Kavinsky, played by Noah Centineo, going on a date to a seemingly fancy restaurant. The whole scene was generic, including cheesy lines like “I’ve never been a girlfriend before…I hope I’m good,” and “It’s actually a two-fork restaurant. They give you the second one just in case you knock the first one off the table,” which make watchers question what the screenwriter was trying to accomplish with these uncomfortable dialogues.

If that wasn’t tacky enough, Covey took Kavinsky to an open field in order to release Tangled-style lanterns labelled PK+LJ as a wish to stay together forever.

Obviously that wasn’t the case.

They introduced a new character, John Ambrose McClaren, who was briefly mentioned as one of the many recipients of a love letter from the first movie. Aside from recasting the person who was set to play McClaren, Jordan Fisher was the only thing worthwhile about this movie.

Unlike Centineo, Fisher’s acting resume is extensive, which is shown in the way he handles the awkward dialogue given to him. His character is a breath of fresh air compared to Kavinsky and Covey who seem to be having the same problems from the first movie: insecurities in their relationship and jealousy because of Kavinsky’s ex-girlfriend. This all leads to a bus scene similar to the first movie where they fight once again only to break up.

Cue the sad montage music.

Although I can’t get that song out of my head, the director thought it was a good idea for Covey to mouth the words as well, breaking the fourth wall. This was a poor choice because it brought me back to how mediocre this movie truly was.

At the end, Covey had a mini transformation for the star ball where she met up with McClaren. This was the only moment of the movie I was waiting for and it definitely delivered. After an hour, thirty minutes, and 43 seconds, they kissed, with snow falling all around them.

But three minutes later she was kissing Kavinsky.

This quick turn around seemed like a ploy to resolve the love triangle quickly and left me less than impressed.

I understand that this movie is a cheesy romcom, and while I enjoy a handful of romcoms, “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You,” was far too cringey to enjoy or “aww” at. Unfortunately, Centineo and Fisher weren’t able to save this movie with their boyish charm.

Rating: C-