Senior sings in stardom

Miranda Ma performs National anthem during basketball season


Ava Rotondo

Ma sings the National anthem for the crowd of excited McLean students.

McLean senior Miranda Ma is a student of many talents. Her musical ability is showcased not only as a fourth-year member of choir, but also her performances of the national anthem at McLean basketball games. She does this in addition to performing with the dance team at halftime.


“I always get nervous before performing,” Ma said. “Right before performing [is when] I get the most nervous so I try to calm myself down by taking deep breaths and [telling myself] positive, encouraging words.”

Ma began singing at a young age and took a couple of sporadic vocal classes.

“I took a few classes here and there but nothing consistently,” Ma said. “I’ve been pretty self-taught when it comes to singing technique.”

Ma has taken choir since freshman year, which enables her to practice choral songs at least twice a week. Otherwise, she practices in her free time whenever she can.

Ma began performing about halfway through the basketball season, thanks to Elizabeth Dufrane, captain of girls Varsity basketball. She informed Ma that they were in search of someone to perform the National anthem. Ma took interest and reached out to Mr. Miller, who told her she was hired.

“It’s such an honor to sing the National anthem and be able to represent McLean while doing something I love,” Ma said. “It’s been the coolest experience and I’ve gotten so much positive feedback!”