Mclean hosts chorus concert

Students from various schools come to perform


Benjamin Pham

Chorus students get ready to perform


On Jan. 15, McLean hosted a chorus where several schools came to and performed. The program started around 8:00 pm and featured various Elementary schools in the area and three different choral units from Longfellow Middle school. At the end of the program, there were performances by McLean’s very own Madrigals. This concert highlighted the enrichment of music in all ages and levels and created great exposure for the younger kids for the different music programs they can participate in later on. 

“I feel like all of the groups singing together from young to old is an extremely essential part of this program because not only does it show the audience how chorus evolves at each level, but it also shows the kids that there is a future in the music program for them and that they will get better over time if they haven’t realized it yet” senior Nandini Shine said. 

All of the students performed exceptionally, even the younger ones despite their age. Each elementary school was on beat and on the pitch and all the students were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

“I really enjoyed seeing the kids perform, they looked like they were having a great time and were trying their best. They were absolutely adorable singing together and I was especially impressed by the ones who were singing solos, they were great especially for their young age” senior Christian Nguyen said.

“I honestly came in not knowing what to expect because they are so young, but they were honestly so much better than I thought they would be. I was pleasantly surprised” Nguyen said.

The entire concert was a delight to watch and was entertaining as a whole. It really brought together different people and effectively worked to inspire the youth in teaching them about their future in music and gave the other students a platform to sing for a larger audience than a typical elementary school crowd.