McLean High’s halls get decked

Classes around the school get into the holiday season by competing in a door decorating contest

Mae Monaghan, Online Editor

Every year, the halls are decked by students and teachers decorating their doors hoping to win the door decorating contest.  During highlander time the week before winter break, each class has the time to prepare decorations to put up. This year classes went all out and demonstrated lots of school spirit at McLean.

The tradition of the door decorating contest around the school has been going on for only a couple of years at the school. McLean uses this friendly competition as a way to get both staff and students excited for the break and into the cheerful holiday spirit. Students enjoy the event as it’s a fun way for them to socialize with their peers.

“Usually we don’t do anything during Highlander Time, so it was a fun experience to be able to work together, and have some fun with my friends,” said sophomore Doris Zhang, a student in English teacher Anna Caponetti’s third period.

In the days leading up to break, everyone at the school is working hard to finish up last-minute assignments as well as completing tests.  Having a little time during the day to relax and engage in a festive activity seems to be very appreciated.

“I thought it was a lot of fun.  I think all the teachers got really into it and came up with really creative designs,” said Bridget Donoghue, one of the leadership class teachers. 

For every contest there has to be some rules. This year the regulations included having to be decorated according to what subject the third period teacher teaches, and the decorations had to include some sort of lights.

“There was a lot of positive energy in the school that day,” Donoghue said.

Although the contest is friendly, it is a competition.  A panel of administrates, student, and a couple of teachers judged the doors around the school. Not everyone can win, but the ones who did stood out this year.  The winners receive donuts  during their third period, giving another motive to have the best decorations.

“Our class got runner up, which was a bit disappointing, but we still had a good time.  We all thought we would win because we all put a lot of effort into decorating [the door],” Zhang said.