Marine Bio club makes waves

The newly established Marine Bio club spreads awareness throughout McLean

Rising sea levels and increasing toxicity of oceans have led to a global concern for marine life. McLean students who share these concerns have taken action in creating a new club where people can focus on activities that will benefit the marine ecosystem.

“Our main goals are pretty simple. We want to spread awareness around the school about the importance of protecting marine life, and [spread awareness] about how they’re in danger. [Our] activities and events will help to cut down on harmful practices that damage marine life,” said junior Amanda Pardo.

Pardo is one of four students that lead the club.

“The president is Rebecca Leblanc. The vice president is Emily Jackson, and the secretary is Skye Sunderhauf,” Pardo said.

Since the start up of the club, Pardo has used Instagram and Google Classroom as the main form of communication to other McLean students.

“I’m the social media coordinator, so far I’ve started an Instagram account for the club to connect with students, and I’ve [also] put up reminders about club meetings on [Google Classroom],” Pardo said. “You can get information on the Instagram page, @mhsmarinebio, and you can join the Google Classroom which is linked on the Instagram page.”

By using Google Classroom to alert students of meeting times and locations, Marine Bio club had a productive and successful first meeting last Thursday.

“On Thursday we made posters after school to spread encouragement about being eco friendly, and to post information about Marine Bio club around the school,” Pardo said. “We are putting [the posters] in science classrooms, lunch rooms, hallways, bathrooms, and pretty much anywhere around the school that people will notice them.”

In hopes of gaining more members through informative posters, Marine Bio club has already planned large group activities for the future.

“There are several watershed cleanups you can be a part of, and we are looking into climate marches, [as well as] taking a field trip to the Baltimore aquarium during the winter,” Pardo said.

To find out more about these impactful activities, make sure to attend the next Marine Bio meeting next Highlander time 8 in room Y211.