English teacher says Goodbye to McLean and Hello to the world

English and disabilities teacher Susan Manley leaves McLean High School

Michelle Martinkov, Reporter

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After spending 16 years teaching 12 of which at McLean, English and Disabilities teacher Susan Manley has finally decided to retire and explore the world. 

“As an English teacher, my job is to teach the students the core curriculum, as well as mentor them, encourage them, and help them as best as I can. As a special Education teacher I take the added part of making sure whatever accommodations they have in their I.P are being met in the classroom,” Manley said. 

Manley has always had a passion for teaching. At first, Manley started off as a teacher. Then she took a break and decided to work in the finance department. It wasn’t long till Manley found out her job in finance, essentially was to teach other people how to do their job. With this realization, Manley decided she was destined to be a teacher. Not only is Manley and astounding teacher, but she also genuinely enjoys doing her job. 

“The pros of my job are teaching students, I enjoy being in school and I particularly like it when, as I say, a light bulb goes off in the head of a student. The cons of the jobs are paperwork. I’m not a big fan of paperwork. That and having to nudge students who are reluctant and don’t understand how important reading and writing is a life skill,” Manley said.

Manley has big plans for her life after retiring. Although she did teach in Guam for two years, Maney still feels there is so much of the world she has yet to see. 

“I am moving to Tennessee, right outside of Knoxville. I don’t have any specific plans but I am going to do some traveling. I have thought about doing some writing, and I will probably do a lot of volunteering,” 

Of all her previous jobs, Manley feels right at home in the McLean environment. 

“I like the atmosphere of McLean. Students here are very kind to one another and are very caring. For the most part, they want to do well, they’re cooperative and really into trying new things. The staff here is really great. I enjoy working with all of them. Retiring is bittersweet because I am going to leave behind many friends and a wonderful working environment,”

With that said, We all wish Mrs. Manley good luck in the next chapter of her life and we will all miss her very dearly.