Running to remember

McLean Community turns out to honor former vice principal


Many members of the McLean community came to run the 5k last saturday morning. (Photo courtesy of Tzeitel Barcus).

Addie Brown, Features Editor

Members of the McLean community rallied at McLean High School last Saturday morning to honor former vice principal Mike Zook. Zook was a prominent member of the McLean community, always encouraging students and participate in extracurriculars and cheered at many sporting events.

The friendly race intended to bring members of the McLean community together, so participants could run in teams and compete with each other.

Students came out and had wonderful time running the race.

“It was pretty fun, I liked running with my teachers and seeing some of my friends participate in it,” sophomore Jay Gollob said.

The whole lacrosse team turned out to participate in the event.

“The team ran the 5k because our coach encourages us to participate in a community event to represent lacrosse,” junior Roy Jonkers said.

Students enjoyed the race and were glad it is an annual event.

“Overall, it was a great reason for me to run again,” Jonkers said.

Mike Zook Memorial 5k Run