Mike Zook Memorial 5k Run


Jude Sadeq, Reporter

The McLean community gathered together to run 3.1 miles in honor of former assistant principal Michael Zook.  Zook left an unforgettable and lasting mark on the McLean community.

“Mike loved to cheer the students on from the sidelines of all the sporting events and offer up words of encouragement and wisdom to the coaches. Mike never hesitated to express his belief in the importance of students participating in extracurricular activities,” leadership teacher Taylor Kidd said.

Zook’s family was touched to see the amazing turnout.

“So thankful for all the friends and family who came out to support the Highlander Community. It truly takes a village and my dad certainly built a supportive and loving one to keep his legacy alive in so many different ways,” Zook’s daughter Sarah Simek said.

The whole lacrosse team participated in this memorable and exciting race.

“I love the course, it was very well organized, the young life organization that was sponsoring the race was very encouraging and supportive, they constantly handed us drinks and food to keep us hydrated,” junior Carson Smith said.

“The lacrosse team had a great time running the race, it was a bonding experience, we enjoyed it so much we ran it twice,” junior Yazeed Salameh said.