Teachers celebrate Halloween in style

Administration dresses up as The Wizard of Oz characters. (Photo courtesy by McLean High School Instagram)

Brooke Newell and Isaac Lamoreaux, Reporters

Lawrence Letkiewicz in spirit for Halloween as Hagrid from Harry Potter
Phtoto taken by Brooke Newell

The Halloween spirit has cast its spell on McLean High School. The teachers of every department are dressing up as a specific theme in hopes to win. The history department going Jurassic, the CTE (Career and Technical Education) department diving deep into the shark week, and the English department hopes to dazzle you with their Harry Potter outfits. English teacher Lawrence Letkiewicz, well known to be dressed up for spirit days, was particularly excited to dress as Hagrid.

“I have a full on Hagrid costume that I have built up over the years and they were trying to figure out what to do and I offered, I said hey we should do a literary thing, maybe like harry potter?” said Letkiewicz. “I’m kind of built like Hagrid, I act like Hagrid I already had a big overcoat and it’s pretty easy to go from there.”

The teachers true competitive side is revealed in light of the contest, each teacher convinced their department is going to be victorious.

“We’re going to win of course because everybody likes harry potter. Everybody else is going to have some lame idea, and it’s going to be like crayons.” Letkiewicz said.

“I think world language is going to win, because we are representing all of the generations.” Said Spanish teacher, Jamie Heath.

These absurd costumes come with some interesting inspiration. Some coming from movies, others from personal interest.

““[My inspiration] is the movie Grease. My favorite, favorite movie.” Heath said.

Although each department felt their costumes would transport the students into their assigned theme, the English department proved triumphant, as predicted by social studies teacher Cynthia Hawkins.

“With the execution of the actual costumes I think English probably has it. I haven’t seen all of the departments yet but I am ridiculously impressed by their commitment.” Hawkins said.

The proud Potter enthusiasts will be rewarded with coffee and donuts provided by the school, which many can agree is the English department’s domain.

“You know coffee and doughnuts sounds like the kind of thing that we would sit around and discuss novels with and literature” Letkiewicz said.

Math department dresses up as pi. (Photo courtesy of McLean High School Instagram)
Administration dresses up as The Wizard of Oz characters. (Photo courtesy by McLean High School Instagram)
The librarians show their Halloween spirit (Photo courtesy by McLean High School Instagram)
The English Department dresses up as Harry Potter characters.(Photo by Brooke Newell)
The language department dresses as different generations. (Photo courtesy by McLean High School Instagram)