Seniors win second straight Powderpuff game

Class of 2019 keeps undefeated streak


Senior JaneAnne Tvedt rallies her team during a time-out at the annual Powderpuff game on Oct. 10. The senior team won the match-up 8-0, marking the class' second win in a row. (photo by Maren Kranking)

The sharp whistle blasted three times, signaling the end of the game; the senior girls rushed the field. The Powderpuff game ended with a final score of 8-0, marking the second year in a row that the Class of 2019 won the annual match-up. Significant plays were made by seniors JaneAnne Tvedt and Kiley Mabus, as well as junior Maggie Campion.

Powderpuff has been a McLean tradition for years, and has offered friendly competition between grade levels and the opportunity for girls to play flag football for the school.

“We get girls from all different friend groups and cliques out here and then everyone gets together for one goal,” senior coach Nick Monroy said. “As the senior class, we only have so much time left together and I think that’s huge.”

Practices began about two weeks before the game to prepare. Football players for school reversed their usual role in football by stepping onto the sidelines to become the coaches of each team. Coaches had the freedom to draft plays and strategies for the game, teaching and running them during practices.

“We knew that they had some big girls on the team, so we were thinking try with a little bit of trickery, some hand-off-to-hand-off plays, really try to keep them guessing, and that worked out. We had a really great drive where we scored,” Monroy said. “For defense, it was just [to] shut them down, make sure they don’t get the ball, and rush to the whoever had the ball. [We wanted to] make sure all 11 girls are rushing towards them, that was our big plan and I think it worked.”

The girls are serious about this competition, with juniors aiming to defeat the previously undefeated senior team. The Class of 2019 beat the senior class last year; the team entered the game looking to defend their title and keep a perfect record.

“I really just wanted to defend the title that we got last year and also just get some more experience in football and learn about the game,” senior Abby Dimmick said.

This year of the Powderpuff game may be its last—after the reboot of the boys’ dance team last year, only to be cancelled this year, discussions have arisen over the possibility of cancelling the Powderpuff game as well. The concern is that both teams are exclusive to the opposite gender, creating a negative atmosphere for those who may not be allowed to join.

“I find it unfair, this has just been a tradition for so long,” junior Kayla Eksteen said. “There are other clubs that are just for girls, and the fact that this is being penalized for being just for girls is just offensive. If guys want to play football, they can play football for the school.”

The senior girls also expressed frustrations toward the possible cancellation.

“Putting guys and girls on the same team will just make the girls not want to play,” senior Kiley Dunn said.

Regardless of the future of the game, Powderpuff had a large turnout of fans to support each team. Both coaches and players of the senior team are satisfied to end high school with a 2-0 record.

“It’s a pleasure to be able to coach back-to-back champions, I hope it’s something that these girls will remember for a while and that it’s something that is unbeaten for a while,” Monroy said.