New year, new Highlander resolutions

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New year, new Highlander resolutions

Alex Mandanas, Opinions Editor

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Every year, millions of Americans, including McLean students, make New Year’s resolutions. Here are some Highlander resolutions:

Freshman Christina Burry: “To spend less time on my phone.”

Freshman Clare Brady

Freshman Clare Brady: “I don’t have one.”

Sophomore Alex Weinstein

Sophomore Alex Weinstein: “My resolutions are to be healthier, not be on my phone as much, and to win HQ trivia.”

Sophomore Nolan English

Sophomore Nolan English: “To set a schedule for rock climbing.”

Junior Zoe Skoric

Junior Zoe Skoric: “My New Years resolution is to stop using the word ‘hate’.”

Junior Caleb Himes

Junior Caleb Himes: “To get Eagle Scout.”

German teacher Karen Wolpert: “To bring Luke Skywalker back to life.”

History teacher Dylan Wedan: “It’s to triple the size of my carbon footprint.”