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“The Bachelorette” is back

Alex Mandanas, Managing Editor May 22, 2019

As a dedicated Bachelor/ Bachelorette fan, Monday was an exciting night. My beloved series was finally on the airwaves again with one of the most genuine contestants playing its titular role. All Hannah,...

Logic presents Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Elizabeth Humphreys, Reporter May 15, 2019

Sir Robert Bryson Hall ll, better known as the rapper Logic, opens up to fans about dark secrets on his new album Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Released on May 10, this 5th studio album is brand new...

TheatreMcLean takes final bow with “Sketchfest”

Sheridan Dalier and Delaney Michelle reminisce about their old days of being showgirls in
Anya Chen and Isaac Lamoreaux May 14, 2019

TheatreMcLean performed its last event of the school year on Friday evening, May 10. Students have been working tirelessly to put on “Sketchfest,” an entirely student run production. “‘Sketchfest’...

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 : “Operation Spectre Rising” Review

Thumbnail for the
Jackson Clayton, Reporter May 7, 2019

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 recently got its “Operation Spectre Rising” update with multiplayer and Blackout additions. Including Specialists, weapons, maps and modes.The newest Specialist, Spectre, returns...

Winter has come and gone

AnnaGrace Hopkins and Emma Johnson May 5, 2019

With only two episodes left in the final season of HBO hit show, Game of Thrones, fans are craving some closure for this epic tale spanning nine years. The entirety of the series has been built on the...

Taylor Swift rises from the dead: a fresh start with a new single “ME!”

Haine Jung, Reporter May 5, 2019

From mid-April, Taylor Swift has been completely changing up her Instagram feed from dark themed pictures which are the motifs of her last album, Reputation, to a mysterious set of pastel colors. She has...

Avengers: Endgame is a fitting end of an era for Marvel

Image courtesy of Creative Commons
Sabrina Vazquez, Features Editor April 28, 2019

In 2008 Marvel released Iron Man and began what is now know as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Eleven years and 21 movies later the MCU culminates in Avengers: Endgame, a cinematic feat unlike anything...

Rapper YNW Melly faces death penalty

Rapper YNW Melly faces death penalty
Elizabeth Humphreys, Reporter April 25, 2019

Being prosecuted and put in front of the death row, 19-year-old rapper YNW Melly is being charged for the double homicide of two men. The murders occurring in Vero Beach, Florida last year on Oct. 26,...

Shazam! A bang to the DCU

Shazam! (Image obtained from Warner Bros.)
Charley Roth-Douquet, Reporter April 23, 2019

Warner Bros offered Shazam in an attempt to transform DC Films from a gloomy and dark tone into a more fun, light-hearted Marvel-like tone. To their credit, Shazam is a fun and light film that did well...

Khalid releases his Free Spirit

21-year-old Khalid released his second studio album on April 5. (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)
Maria McHugo, Editor-in-Chief April 9, 2019

Young artist Khalid released his second studio album on April 5, Free Spirit, through RCA Records. Known best for his 2017 anthems "Location" and "Young, Dumb & Broke," the 21-year-old sensation...

“Dating Around” is amazingly awkward

Alex Mandanas, Managing Editor April 9, 2019

Enter one vanilla white guy. He’s wearing a too-tight suit. He’s “in real estate” and his hair shows it. Next come his dates--five different girls, varying by degrees of annoyingness. That’s...

Lil Skies’ second studio album, Shelby

Lil Skies' second studio album, Shelby
Elizabeth Humphreys, Reporter April 8, 2019

Shelby, Iowa? Peru? An odd title at first, rather, Shelby is the name of Lil Skies’ second studio album released on Mar. 1. Competing only with Skies’ first album, Life of a Dark Rose, both can be...

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