Teas’N You review

Bubble tea location in Tysons Corner is mixed bag


Aileen Wu

From left to right: Taro Milk Tea, Fresh Milk Tea, Matcha Milk Tea, Green Thai Tea, and Pistachio Milk Tea.

Located just off Leesburg Pike, a quaint little tea shop attracts dozens of customers every day. Teas’N You is the quintessential cafe, marketing itself as one of the “newest, best, and most innovative bubble tea joints” in the Tysons Corner area. We tried a few of their bubble teas.

Fresh Milk Tea – 3/5
The Fresh Milk Tea is marketed as a classic black milk tea sweetened with brown sugar and “golden milk tea leaves.” As the token bubble tea, this was a disappointment. It was bland and watery, and it was difficult to taste anything other than the boba. To ensure that you get your money’s worth, we recommend asking for at least 50% sugar and extra honey stirred into your drink.

Green Thai Tea – 4/5
A stunning emerald green in color, the Green Thai Tea was delicious. Besides being very visually appealing, the flavor of the Green Thai Tea contains hints of mint and jasmine, ingredients the store proudly advertises on their website. The only tragedy to this drink was the sloppy boba balls at the bottom, which managed to melt into the drink minutes after the first sip. For milk tea lovers, this drink proves itself to be an adventurous experience.

Matcha Milk Tea – 2/5
The Matcha Milk Tea is a sad excuse for bubble tea. Matcha is traditionally a Japanese green tea powder made from finely powdered dried tea leaves. Beloved by many, it has a complex flavor profile with mild grassy notes, naturally sweet nuttiness, a hint of bitterness and a savory aftertaste. However, this tasted like rancid coffee grounds and sophisticated grass. The initially sweet taste quickly sours in your mouth and leaves a gritty residue. This drink is only for the most devoted of matcha lovers.

Pistachio Milk Tea – 5/5
Out of all the drinks we reviewed, this was our favorite. Not only is the Pistachio Milk Tea an innovative drink, it’s delicious, with a creamy texture, vanilla notes and a savory, nutty aftertaste. The pistachio flavor is perfect; light and buttery, it counterbalances the sweetness of the tea.

Taro Milk Tea – 4.5/5
Known for its unique purple tint, taro is a slightly sweet root vegetable with a nutty taste similar to a sweet potato. The Taro Milk Tea has a Jasmine green tea base balanced with a sweet and creamy taro milk. The drink itself is extremely sweet, but surprisingly, it didn’t overwhelm the distinct taro flavor. For those with a sweet tooth, this drink is for you. For the rest of us, we would recommend asking for 25% sugar.

Beyond just bubble tea, Teas’N You serves savory snacks, macarons, mouth watering pastries, and a variety of beverages, from fruity drinks and slushies to Vietnamese coffee. The staff was extremely friendly, and the wait was surprisingly short. The comfortable atmosphere was complemented by soft lighting and pink throw pillows on abundant seating options. Regardless of the hours they’re open, the store is almost always busy. Overall, we highly recommend checking out this hidden gem.

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