How to spend this autumn like Rory Gilmore


It’s Gilmore Girls season! To spend your fall season like the classic television series, follow these steps:

Friday Movie Night: Eat Pop-Tarts, one of Rory and Lorelei’s favorite snacks. Keep it simple with Rory’s go-to black Converse that will match any outfit. Throw on a comfortable black V-neck and cute jeans to hang out with your friends or family.

Find Your Luke’s: Wear a collared sweater and a pleated skirt to match the cozy fall vibe of your favorite coffee shop. Drink a cup of coffee fancier than Luke’s. Buy scones just as good as Sookie’s.

Read Like Rory: Get cozy in a warm sweater and oversized pants. Read books referenced in the show like The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey NiffenegerFind a cute vintage backpack to carry your favorite books.

Are you a Rory Gilmore or a Paris Geller?


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