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A new competitor arrives and changes the scene or does it

By Microsoft, Public Domain
Sam Neami, Reporter October 17, 2019

The video game live streaming industry has been around for 15 years. It started with a few small websites with little popularity. As video games and the internet became exponentially popular, so did live...

Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair – Looking Both Back and Forward

Photo Courtesy of Playtonic Games
Jackson Clayton, Reporter October 17, 2019

Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair is a spiritual successor to the Donkey Kong Country series. It’s development team, is made up of ex-Rare developers who created many popular retro games including...

The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro review: What the users think

The iPhone 11 Pro features an all-new triple-camera system, and 4 different colors, 3 of which are pictured above. (Photo obtained via Creative Commons)
Arnav Gupta, Reporter October 13, 2019

It's been almost a month since Apple released the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro to the world, and McLean students have been able to get their hands on the highly anticipated products, each forming their own opinions...

Untitled Goose Game is A Delightfully Slapstick Experience

Jayne Ogilvie-Russell, Reporter October 11, 2019

Comedy, in any form, is difficult to write. Jokes are composed of so much more than just their punchlines; they require the right diction, proper timing, and most importantly: a good setup. Fortunately,...

Theater puts on first “No Shame” show of the year

Jessica Opsahl-Ong, Managing Editor September 21, 2019

The best way to describe the "No Shame" show is just that - a variety show with no shame allowed. The acts ranged from absurdist and hilarious to incredibly talented segments. But no matter the performance,...

Games to Look Forward to in 2019

Games to Look Forward to in 2019
Jackson Clayton, Reporter September 18, 2019

September to December is arguably the best time to be playing video games, most major game publishers release their most anticipated games during this season, here are seven major games releasing in the...

IT Chapter 2 fails to live up to its predecessor

IT Chapter Two theatrical release poster by Warner Bros. Pictures
Rohan Mani, Sports Editor September 12, 2019

Based on Stephen Kings 1,138 page novel It, It Chapter Two picks up after original 2017 movie and follows the story of The Loser Club and their battles against Pennywise, the shape-shifting clown. The...

Trippie Redd fans exclaim over “!”

Elizabeth Humphreys, A&E Editor September 2, 2019

Rapper Trippie Redd’s new album, !, released on Aug. 9 is certainly something to be ‘exclaiming’ over. It’s not another “Love Scars,” my personal favorite era of Redd’s music, however, is...

John Wick 3: New Movie, Same Story

Keanu Reeves in John Wick (image obtained via Flickr by user AntMan3001 in Creative Commons)
Charley Roth-Douquet, Reporter June 3, 2019

Because a total of 205 kills wasn’t enough, John Wick: Parabellum adds to the number. Over the three movies, Keanu Reeves killing people seems to be the only constant. The only thing the third movies’...

Now you’re fighting with portals

Now you're fighting with portals
Jackson Clayton, Reporter May 28, 2019

 Earlier this May, "1047 Games" released a public beta for their upcoming game, Splitgate: Arena Warfare, which is an intriguing mix of multiple other games, including Microsoft’s Halo series, Respawn...

Pho on the go

Pho on the go
Eric Mizusawa, Online News Editor May 24, 2019

For fast, healthy, and certainly delicious Vietnamese Cuisine, Pho 75 is certainly the place to go when you're hungry on the go.While there isn't much variety, they are certainly famous for their mouthwatering...

Tyler, the Creator releases “IGOR”

Imani McCormick and Nick Boyer May 23, 2019

Tyler, the Creator, dropped his sixth album IGOR on May 17, sharing a story that is familiar to listeners. Falling in madly love, getting caught in a one-sided relationship, pounding through the pain of...

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