Kabasele makes strides

Junior athlete Kevin Kabasele excels in his advancing track career

Track star Kevin Kabasele makes strides in the spring season, qualifying for states. Although highly accomplished, Kabasele’s involvement in the sport is relatively new, having started track in the spring season of his sophomore year. Though hesitant at first to join the team, his friends were his motivating factor.

Junior Kevin Kabasele, a rising star in track and field, has made significant strides during the spring season, earning a spot in states. Despite his relatively recent involvement in the sport, having joined the track team during his sophomore year, Kabasele has showcased exceptional talent and dedication. Encouraged by his friends, he ventured into track after previously playing soccer.

“I used to play soccer, but I wasn’t that great so I thought I’d just try a new sport last year,” junior Kevin Kabasele said. “[My friend Jahi] advised me to join the team and I wanted to try the sport.”

Although he initially began practicing hurdle events last year, Kabasele’s skills in these disciplines have significantly improved this season.

“Last year, the coaches had us try out hurdling, and then they kind of saw some potential in it for me,” Kabasele said. “This year, once I got better I started to actually get into it and now I really like it.”

After major improvements this year, Kabasele was able to qualify for states in several events, while also forming stronger bonds with new and returning teammates.

“[This season], I’ve gotten more friends and they’ve motivated me to try harder, because a lot of them are fast and it’s kind of competitive,” Kabasele said. “You don’t want your friends to be faster than you, so they’ve just motivated me to try harder and be as best as I can.”

The competitive nature of the team wasn’t the only reason Kabasele took such a great passion for track this season. He also enjoyed the personal aspect of his races, allowing him to focus on his own improvement along with being a crucial part of the team.

“My favorite part about the sport is probably that it’s kind of an individual sport, so it’s kind of just you versus yourself,” Kabasele said. “You don’t have anybody to rely on and you can’t really hide behind technique or anything like that. I just have to go, so I like how simple the sport is.”

Throughout the season, Kabasele successfully balanced his academic commitments with his demanding track schedule, albeit facing challenges during AP tests.

“The AP tests were the only problem, then afterward it hasn’t been too hard,” Kabasele said.

As the season concludes on a high note, the future of Kabasele’s track career remains undecided. However, alongside his impressive accomplishments, his growing interest in the sport makes continuing it in college a viable option.

“I don’t know if I want to yet but I’ve been slowly getting into [track], so I guess I could actually see myself doing it in college,” Kabasele said. 

While the future remains a question, there’s no doubt about Kabasele’s qualification. With a successful season and an anticipated great performance at states, Kabasele and his charisma for the sport are reflected in his impact on the team, making him a great teammate and a promising athlete in future meets and seasons.