Sophomore model expresses confidence through fashion

Olivia Pamas shares story behind her outfits and thriving fashion career


Olivia Pamas

Olivia poses with her homecoming dress which she purchased from a business on Etsy.

For most students, a typical school day outfit consists of sweatpants and a hoodie. But sophomore Olivia Pamas treats every day like a fashion show, whether she’s working the runway as a model or walking the McLean hallways in her unique outfits.
Olivia has had a creative sense of fashion since she was a young girl.
“My love for [fashion] started right from day one,” Olivia said. “My mom and grandma used to dress up super cute when I was growing up and I wanted to dress just like them.”
Fashion runs in Olivia’s family, as her grandmother had a career in the world of fashion.
“Olivia’s grandmother worked for Yves Saint Laurent and made hats for the British royal family,” Olivia’s mom Genny Pamas said. “Olivia wore handmade clothes with fabrics coming from Europe, and at a very young [age] she learned and acquired European elegance.”
Olivia’s style inspiration from designers and celebrities played a major role in her clothing from the beginning.
“I look up to Audrey Hepburn,” Olivia said. “Growing up, I was obsessed with Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I also love Coco Chanel and…[what] she has in her design.”
Olivia has developed her own style over the years, and she comes to school every day with an exceptional outfit that she prepares the night before.
“I like putting my outfits together the day before to see what works and what doesn’t. For me, [creating new looks is] a lot of fun,” Olivia said.
Before wearing her distinct outfits to school, Olivia puts on a show at home for her two biggest supporters, her parents.
“With Olivia, coming up with an outfit is a daily routine and we do this in the kitchen,” Genny said. “It is quite a ceremonial event, and my job is to give her my undivided attention [so I can] critique the outfit of her choice.”
Olivia strives to mix up her outfits and change her style on a daily basis, even to the point of not wearing the same outfit more than once.
“She can come up with anything and make it look good,” Genny said. “One day [she will] have a preppy style, then a classic one [the next]; there is no end to her creativity. Every day, Olivia is an entirely new person.”
Olivia’s classmates have enjoyed seeing her outfits at school as well.
“I think Olivia’s outfits are very well thought out and executed, and her sense of style is impeccable,” sophomore Berra Kalci said. “The outfits she manages to pull together every single day are elegant yet fun.”

Olivia’s passion for fashion made stepping into the modeling world an obvious choice.
“I was really interested in all the outfits, makeup, hair, poses and the shoots, so I started modeling in fourth grade and have stuck with it since then,” Olivia said.
Olivia started her modeling career by competing in major events to establish her name in the industry.
“I began with an American Girl doll show and National American Miss (NAM). I placed [fourth] in the Top Model NAM competition in 2017, and that’s what helped me take off in modeling,” Olivia said.
Before long, Olivia’s modeling career expanded to different runways and product shoots.
“I currently do runway and commercial modeling. I’ve also modeled for hair products, makeup, bathing suits and clothing,” Olivia said.
One of Olivia’s favorite fashion events that she models for takes place in Manhattan. Many of the runways held throughout the event are prestigious, highlighting impressive designers and collections.
“I love modeling at New York Fashion Week and I go twice a year,” Olivia said. “It’s a really fun event and you meet all kinds of new people.”
Modeling has impacted Olivia’s life significantly. In addition to New York City, she regularly travels to Miami and Los Angeles for modeling shoots.
“From going to all these shoots all around the country, I have gotten a lot better with a ‘pick up and go’ lifestyle,” Olivia said. “It was stressful at times since I would have to go to another state as soon as the next day for fittings, but it became my life and purpose. I would never trade anything else for it.”
Fashion and modeling is not just about the glamour to Olivia. She sees much more beyond the bright colors and exciting patterns.
“I was bullied in elementary school because of my outfits,” Olivia said. “People would make fun of them or say something negative, and it made me upset since I cared so much. I slowly began to realize that there’s negative people everywhere, and I began to get comfortable in my clothing.”
The negativity only made Olivia stronger and more confident in herself and her clothing choices.
“Olivia has learned to stand up for herself and not allow others to dictate how she should dress or how she should be,” Genny said. “She has power and confidence and strongly believes that people can only hurt you if you allow them. She will never give them that satisfaction, as her outfits deliver a silent cue of strength and power.”
Olivia’s confidence in her outfits has inspired her friends to feel more positive about themselves, while her sense of fashion helps them find their own style.
“If my friends were scared to wear something, I would tell them to just wear it,” Olivia said. “What’s going to happen if you wear purple but you don’t usually wear purple? I’ve helped a lot of people raise their confidence and feel more comfortable in their bodies.”
Olivia is already preparing to take a step forward in her life after high school.
“Olivia, at the moment, has decided to graduate high school early next year to go to Europe,” Genny said. “She plans to study fashion in Paris or Milan and later on become a stylist or work for the House of Chanel. One thing for sure is that her future will be in the world of fashion.”
As Olivia plans to fulfill her dream, she hopes to spread positivity and confidence through fashion.
“I pick my outfits because they give me the confidence and freedom to express myself,” Olivia said. “Anything somebody wants to achieve takes confidence, and you have to feel comfortable in your own skin before moving on to the next chapter.”