2022 Senior Assassin ready to kick off

McLean’s Senior Assassin returns with new additions


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2021 senior assassin participant Gavin Meaney eliminates an unexpecting Matthias Daniel during a lacrosse game. For the 2022 game, school grounds will be off limits. Many participants used the art of surprise when attempting to eliminate their targets.

As senior class of 2022 nears the end of their school year, the “Senior Assassin” annual tradition is making its return. Organized this year by senior Claire-Mary Smith, the game consists of seniors receiving a target—another student—via text or email, and then eliminating them by spraying them with a water gun. The last survivor wins prize money. This year’s game looks to continue the fun, with a couple new rule changes and additions.

Since their freshman year, the current seniors have been watching their older peers participate in the activity, and many are more than ready to compete themselves.

“I’m so excited for it. I feel like it’s the true ending to senior year, more so than graduation,” senior Caden Hershberg said. “I can’t wait for it to start.”

While the game is played as a community event, each player has their own strategy to take home the prize money. Now that school grounds are off limits, players will have to devise new ways to find eliminate targets.

“My favorite part [will be] to see how creative people will be when assassinating their targets,” Smith said.

In order to be eligible for the game, seniors must send $5 to @Mcseniorassassin22 on Venmo. Funds will be pooled together for the final winner. In the 2021 games, winner Alex Lin raked in close to $400.

“Seeing as there is a cash pool, I feel that there will be a large, competitive atmosphere,” Hershberg said. “I don’t plan on going down easily.”

Senior Assassin is a lengthy game, and those who plan to come out on top will have to work smart to outthink other opponents.

“I’m hoping that everyone will make sure they play fairly so that no one feels like they got cheated out of the game because someone bent the rules,” Smith said. “I’m really hoping to see unity and teamwork among the seniors.”

See the game’s rules below, both new and returning.