Preparation underway for in-school PSAT and SAT

McLean students share how they prepare for PSAT and SAT


Andy Chung

McLean students get ready for their PSAT and SAT for the in school testing day. Many students have studied countless hours for this test.

As seniors get ready to finalize their college applications, McLean High School and Fairfax county added an in-School SAT administration on Wednesday, Oct. 13th. Students who have decided to take it will come into school in the morning while the rest of the seniors will have the day off. Juniors and Sophomores are expected to take the PSAT, as well.

According to Assessment Coach Dr. Jennifer Beach, approximately 265 seniors have signed up to take the test, about half of the class of 2022.

FCPS paid for the in-school SAT to make sure students who weren’t able to take the test during the pandemic had a chance.

“The county is paying for it,” Beach said. “They have a contract for the whole county so I don’t have an exact number for our school.”

The October administration is new for FCPS.

“This is the first year we have done [the SAT] on the same day as the PSAT,” Beach said. “The idea is to give seniors an extra chance to take the SAT. I don’t know what they will do in the future, [and] we will see how successful it is.”

Ever since McLean announced the test, seniors have been trying to prepare to see if they can improve their scores one last time before the first college deadline.

“When I heard about the SAT being given for free in the school I immediately signed up,” senior Akasha Husnain said. “I have taken the SAT previously and I want to see if I can improve at all from my other attempts.”

However, the other half of seniors who have chosen to opt out from taking the SAT are either deciding to submit their original scores or won’t take it all. 

“I already took [the SAT] once,” senior Bella Demarco said. “The schools I am applying to are all test optional.”

For the seniors that are getting ready and prepared for the SAT on October 13th, their teachers, family and friends are all wishing them good luck.

“It really doesn’t matter how you do on the SAT since colleges are beginning to recognize its lack of importance,” Demarco said. “Don’t let a standardized test score define your intelligence. You are more than a test score!”