The clock strikes wrong


Zach Anderson, Copy Editor

8:10 to 2:55. The timeframe that all Highlanders have ingrained into their brains. At 8:09, that warning bell rings and sends freshmen fleeing through the halls.

Or does it?

This year, the bell schedule has been one minute ahead. In fact, the warning bell for school finishes ringing immediately when the time switches from 8:07 to 8:08, resulting in the school day to start by 8:09.

“It’s very frustrating not being notified of this change and being unaware of why it’s happening or how long it’s going to last,” senior Kate Conklin said.

It may not seem like there would possibly be any negative implications from this. Unfortunately, there are some unforetold issues that have arisen.

“This [unannounced change in scheduling] is not fair,” Conklin said.

For Conklin and many other students, waking up early is a task. A large portion of students have worked out the exact time they need to get out of bed to arrive to class exactly at 8:10. This error has brought on a countless number of unexcused tardies to all the stragglers that trickle into the school at 8:09.

“I have been marked absent twice now,” Conklin said. “I would have been on time for [that class] if the bell rang at 8:10 and not 8:08.”

Additionally, seniors are supposed to be able to leave early on Fridays. Because of the unannounced switch in scheduling at the school, some seniors are trapped in their classrooms as their counterparts are able to cram up the J-lot.

“Teachers are keeping me after the bell rings because they don’t know why the bell schedule is off,” Conklin said.

This is an issue that needs to be addressed to reduce tardies and prevent the weekly Friday traffic jams.

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