McLean’s annual activities fair welcomes Class of 2023

The annual fair offers a variety of teams and clubs for students to join


Students from Longfelllow sit on the bleachers being infromed by McLean students about the various sports and clubs the school provides

Kyle Hawley, Reporter

McLean High School hosted their annual Activities Fair on Wednesday, April 10, for rising freshman to get a taste of McLean’s sports teams and clubs. Each year, McLean hosts 8th graders from Longfellow Middle School to come to their future high school’s gym and cafeteria and see which hobbies they want to pursue for the next four years.

From soccer to baseball and from Model UN and McLean Media, a record-breaking number of students signed up for activities that grabbed their attention. The class of 2023 had close to 25 sports teams to sign up for and hundreds of clubs to join.

Many Longfellow Lancers were having a great time talking to their friends and entering themselves into the McLean community in someway. Either getting onto the mailing lists of sports or clubs, they took this fair to their advantage.

“It was really cool to see all the different clubs and activities that McLean offered. The people were all really nice and I’m now even more excited for high school than I was before,” said Ava Messer, an 8th grader from Longfellow.

The fair is helpful for middle schoolers to find a home or place in their new school. It builds their excitement, courage, and eagerness all in one place. The activities fair has been an effective event for middle schoolers where high school students still thank the fair.

“McLean is known for being so inclusive and diverse when it comes to sports,” said sophomore Maya Nair, a year-round athlete. “I’m on cheer, gymnastics, and tennis and love all three. If it weren’t for the activities fair, I don’t think I would’ve joined.”