The Perch is the place to go

Newly opened area in The Boro becomes popular amongst McLean students

If you want to hang out with your friends but can’t think of any other place to go other than your usual Cava or Starbucks trip and want to switch things up, The Perch is the place to go. 

The Perch, a relatively new venue which opened in mid-September of 2021, is located at the top of the Capital One building in The Boro. Its many activities and restaurants make it the perfect spot to spend your Saturday afternoon with friends and family.

Though some aspects of The Perch are for more mature audiences like their Starr Hill Biergarten, this spacious new area is enjoyable for all ages.

“I have two kids,” first time visitor Matt Butler said. “The space there to run around and all the different options [at The Perch are great].”

Along with being kid-friendly, The Perch’s dog park is perfect for dog owners and their pets. Though the park is relatively small, its scenic overview of the city is perfect for pet owners to enjoy while their dogs play. It also offers the owners a great view of the boro while their pets have sufficient room to play on the green grass of the park. The park is rather secluded from the rest of The Perch and offers a more peaceful environment for guests and their pets.

The Perch also has many games and physical activities that are suitable to the community. This venue features several bocce ball courts and two giant chess boards, perfect for friendly games between guests. Along with these games, The Perch hosts OrangeTheory Fitness classes in the afternoons on the Grand Lawn for any and all guests.

Of these age-friendly activities is The Perch Putt, The Perch’s mini golf course, an entertaining activity located near the edge of the Capital One building’s roof. 

“The [mini] golf was really fun,” said Destiney Komeh, a first-timer at The Perch.

Guests aren’t the only ones who enjoy the course, employees also have nothing but great things to say about it.

“[I’ve been working at the Perch Putt for] four months,” said Perch Putt employee Jasmin Salgado said. “[The best part] is the view.”

The placement of the course provides the players with a scenic view overlooking Tyson’s. It makes for the perfect spot to watch the sunset in the evening.

Although the location, view and ambiance of this new spot is favorable, the cuisine is in need of improvement. Food options for The Perch consist of two food trucks: Grandpa Hank’s Jamaican Chicken and Los Dos Carlos Street Tacos.

“The tacos [from the Los Dos Carlos food truck] don’t have much taste at all,” Komeh said. 

Starr Hill Biergarten is an alternative offering sit-down service at The Perch, however guests have complained of the restaurant’s limited food options and the small portions that are extremely overpriced.

“[The food] was mediocre,” junior Kyra Macomber said. “It wasn’t awful, but I remember [the food] being kind of overwhelming and it didn’t really satisfy me.”

Some visitors argue that the food isn’t the focus of The Perch, but instead, the general atmosphere is. 

“[The restaurants at The Perch do have] some fairly overpriced food, but you go for the experience,” Macomber said. 

Along with The Perch’s beer garden, this new location also features a stage and big screen, used to watch sports games and host concerts in front of fans who can sit on The Perch’s spacious lawn.

The recent influx in Tyson’s development brings new business opportunities to the area, which is shown at The Perch. The Perch provides a venue for local artists at their amphitheater, with performances including the Big City Band and Drag Bingo. Live shows are hosted Wednesday through Sunday every week. 

Since its inception in 2021, The Perch has established itself as a premier destination for evening drinks and golfing. Whether or not this location will sustain its popularity as the weather gets colder remains a mystery, but the altitude foreshadows a frigid winter. 

“It was a little bit cold, especially because it is on the rooftop [of the Capitol One building],” Macomber said. 

Macomber noted that the chilly weather was unexpected during summer months. 

I don’t think [The Perch] is going to be that popular [as the weather gets colder], especially because it’s an outdoor place and it’s already up on the rooftop of a very high building,” Macomber said. 

The Perch does, however, have activities set up to maintain its popularity throughout the colder months. The website advertises seasonal events like holiday season fire pits, warm apple cider, and blankets to invite guests despite the cold. These fun scheduled events will make The Perch a great place throughout the year, not just during the warmer months.