Highlanders show spirit all week for Homecoming

Homecoming spirit week with a new theme every day had students from grades 9-12 displaying their school spirit.

With homecoming week officially ending, students at McLean displayed their school spirit all of last week. From Monday (8/17) through Friday (8/21), students came to school dressed in new outfits regarding the theme assigned to that specific day.

Students started the week by wearing any sort of jersey on Monday. Many wore jerseys varying from football, basketball, hockey, and many more.

“Jersey day definitely was the most popular,” senior Joshua John said. “It was the easiest to dress up as and in my opinion the most fun.”

Tuesday’s theme was no other than a Hawaiian theme. Hallways were packed with students wearing tropical-print shirts and leis (a necklace made of flowers and a variety of colors). 

“Hawaiian was personally my favorite. Everybody who came to school was wearing some form of Hawaiian,” senior Layla Bizri said.

On Wednesdays, we wear pink. Students came to school on Wednesday wearing pink from head to toe. The annual Powderpuff football game between the seniors and juniors also took place, with seniors taking the victory thanks to an outstanding last-minute touchdown at the end of the game. 

“Coaching was a lot of fun for me, especially with a large number of people showing up during highlander time and the atmosphere throughout the entire game,” senior Powderpuff coach Chris Morabito said.

Thursday was a dual theme type of day, a contest between cowboys and golfers. McLean was filled with students dressed up as either a midwestern cowboy or a golfer. 

“Me and my other friends golf almost every weekend, so it was an easy choice as to what I was going to dress up as,” senior RJ Carmenates said. 

Friday was arguably the most eventful and spirit-filled day of the week. The significant theme of the day was different from student to student. Seniors were to wear red, juniors were to wear black, sophomores were assigned white, and freshmen were clad in gray. 

At the end of the school day on Friday, students went outside to the football field to attend the pep rally, with each grade divided into their respective parts in the bleachers. However, it didn’t stop there; the bleachers were once again filled later that night, this time with Highlanders donning regal red robes and crowns for the football game versus Herndon. 

“As a student section, we were all cheering and were mainly just excited for homecoming the next day,” sophomore Arman Badipour said. 

The students of McLean never fail each and every year during homecoming week to take pride in their school spirit and bring energy to football games. 

“It’s a little sad seeing it all end as a senior, but I can’t wait for more spirit weeks the rest of the year,” senior Charlie Samburg said.