Staff and student podcast favorites

Students and teachers pitch in podcast recommendations

Crime Junkie focuses on a different crime case for each podcast episode. McLean students and teachers love hearing the different stories featured each episode.

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Crime Junkie focuses on a different crime case for each podcast episode. McLean students and teachers love hearing the different stories featured each episode.

Crime Junkie

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Crime Junkie is a weekly true crime podcast that focuses on one new case each week. The host, Ashley Flowers, discusses a wide variety of cases including murders, serial killers, kidnappings, and many others. Each one has its own twist and turns and it is sure to keep you on your feet.

“I like listening to Crime Junkie on Spotify because it feeds into my general interests of all things crime-related. Each episode focuses on a different case, so I am always interested in what’s happening,” senior Kaitlyn Conly said.

In the Dark (Season 2)

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In the Dark is a true crime podcast that features one different case each season. Rookie investigators  examine crimes and report their findings on the podcast.

“This is my favorite podcast because it takes investigative journalism to the extreme, doing so much in-depth work over 3 years that it was cited in a court of law to help take the case to the Supreme Court,” senior Susan Shobeiri said. “It really highlights the problems with our criminal justice system through a variety of lenses.”

Celebrity Memoir Book Club

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Hosted by New York comedians Claire Parker and Ashley Hamilton, Celebrity Memoir Book Club is a podcast that reads celebrity memoirs in a fun and comedic style.

“I like reading but I don’t really have the time, and when funny comedians read, it is more entertaining. I also really like pop culture and enjoy talking about celebrities and their drama,” senior Campbell Al-Khafaji said.

The Daily

Via: New York Times
The Daily by the New York Times is a widely-acclaimed 30-minute podcast that focuses on one main issue in society, ranging from individual stories to international news. In the past, the show has featured episodes on the future of the Metaverse, a U.S. military failure to report a drone strike that killed civilians in Syria and the Biden administration’s response to inflation.

“They usually go in-depth on one story, which I like because it gives a lot of information on a topic in a short amount of time. I usually don’t have a lot of time throughout the day so having something this short is nice,” AP Government teacher Amanda Williams said.

Sad in the City

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Hosted by comedian Taylor Tomlinson, Sad In the City focuses on the struggles of living in New York City whilst adding a humorous twist to each episode.

“I think because everything is so serious, I tend to like podcasts like this, which are not,” AP Research teacher Jessica Pullis said. “I tend to [like] more escapism media, so I’d rather listen to something that is humorous and familiar.”

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

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Based in Miami Beach, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses everything sports and pop-culture related and provides unique perspectives on pressing issues in the athletic world.

“[The podcast] does not talk about who won and who lost last night,” physics teacher Billy Thomas said. “It talks about the impact of sporting culture on this part of the community and what facilities they are trying to build.”