Summer 2021 music recommendations

Best songs for the summer according to McLean students

With COVID-19 restrictions beginning to loosen, summer 2021 will mark the first time in a year where students can go out of their houses and enjoy a break from school.

Students from McLean pitched their music suggestions for this summer, whether to go out and hit the town, hang out with friends, or readjust to being able to go outside again.

The playlist features a variety of artists and genres spanning several decades, though some songs in particular were more special to certain students.

Lady by the Sea

Steven Sanchez

“Lady by the Sea” by Stephen Sanchez is an acoustically driven song that offers a romantically powered melody which holds up from start to finish. Sanchez’s unique songwriting abilities create the perfect song for late night drives and walks on the beach. “It’s the perfect summer song because it talks about the beach and has a great chorus,” junior Clare A’hearn said.


Calvin Harris

“Summer” by Calvin Harris encompasses everything summer should be in a song. Harris utilizes an instrumental melody and catchy lyrics in order to grab the listener’s attention. Whether you’re grabbing ice cream with friends or staying at home, this song is perfect for any summer occasion. “The title of the song perfectly summarizes its purpose,” junior Yanni Aknine said. “It’s a catchy song that you can scream to with the windows down in the car and embodies everything great about summer”.

Glad You Came

by The Wanted

“Glad You Came” by The Wanted has a cheerful up-tempo tune and captivating lyrics that make listeners want to get on their feet and dance. Each band member has a unique voice that comes together to create a song that is perfect for late night summer drives. “[Glad you Came] has happy and nostalgic vibes that everyone can sing to,” junior Eve Ginsberg said.


Catfish and the Bottlemen

Catfish and the Bottlemen is a Welsh indie rock band that featured “Homesick” as the opening track for their debut album. The guitar gives the song the signature mid-2010’s rock song sound and evokes a nostalgic feeling. “I like it because it’s the perfect mix between pop, indie, and rock, which sounds a little weird but it’s amazing,” sophomore Sabrina Berry said.

Pulling our weight

The Radio Dept.

“Pulling our weight” by the Swedish band Radio Dept. contains a guitar-based pop tune . “The song is overall quite sad in that it’s about a relationship separated by distance, but it discusses the hopes the lovers have to unite as well towards the end with the line ‘we’ll find love/the kind we’re dreaming of,’” sophomore Sophia Pandit said. “I think many of us see summer as a time for those hopes to become reality and that’s not specific to love—it’s anything, really.”

Kaikai Kitan


“Kaikai Kitan” by Eve matches the energy of summer through its rock and fast-paced aspects. Most famous for its use as the first opening in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, the song “evokes motivation,” senior Peter Awabdeh said. “Being in a different language [also] helps me stay on task while reading a book or news articles.”