Tampa Bay Buccaneers reign supreme

Tom Brady wins his 7th Super Bowl, in a blowout against the Chiefs


Emily Friedman, Sports Editor

Super Bowl LV was highly anticipated, as both teams seemed to have a good chance at victory. In the battle of the old GOAT vs the potential young GOAT, old pulled through. Tom Brady and the Buccaneers crushed Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, earning Brady his 7th Super Bowl ring.

Tom Brady proved that being older and playing with a new team were not a challenge for him.

“The outcome of the game didn’t surprise me. Tom Brady’s a great quarterback, I will admit. I thought there could be a chance for the Chiefs to win. But, again, the Bucs had Tom Brady, and they were just a stronger team with him,” Junior Michaela Aka said.

Both teams had lots of support prior to the game, and some people may argue that the Chiefs were favored.

“I was rooting for the Bucs because I’m a Patriots fan, and I personally think Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time and after winning this game, there’s no way you can say he’s not. I wanted to see him solidify his legacy,” Junior Brigham Devore said.

The referees called countless penalties on the Chiefs in the first half, putting them into an early deficit that they couldn’t come back from.

“After seeing [Tyrann Mathieu] get two penalties back to back, I felt  the players just got discouraged and so aggravated and at that point the anger kind of takes over your mentality,” Aka said.

There is dispute over whether all the calls were necessary. The Chiefs received the most penalties in Super Bowl history.

“I think the penalties did impact the game, but I think they were warranted. The Bucs receivers are long guys so they can layout pretty far, so you kind of have to hold them in certain situations, especially if you’re not quick enough to stay with them. All of the calls were good calls, but they did impact the game quite a bit,” Devore said.

With the Buccaneers ahead 21-6 at halftime, some viewers lost interest because the game appeared to be a blowout.

“I just watched up until the halftime show. It was obvious who was going to win so then I just gave up,” Aka said.

Of course avid football fans continued to watch despite the large gap in the score.

“I kept watching even though the Bucs were so far ahead,” Devore said. “With a quarterback like Mahomes you can always see a comeback happening and it’s just fun to see more scoring.”