School administers PSAT

PSAT held on Oct. 29 amidst pandemic


Lindsay Benedict

PSAT PROTOCOLS – Students wait in line at the front of the school to have their temperature checked to be able to enter the school building. Additional lines formed at the back of the school and temperature checking locations were assigned beforehand.

Ariana Elahi

With so many students and mainly juniors showing up, many precautions were taken and emotions about the test were mixed.
Before even entering the school, students were required to wear face masks, give their temperature and social distance while waiting in lines.
“It was really interesting to see people waiting in staggered lines and having to get their temperature checked,” junior Cheryn Hong said. “It was also very exciting to see everyone and be at school for the first time in months.”
However, once the test started, attitudes seemed to have shifted.
“Wearing a mask during a test was definitely not something I had prepared for,” junior Sophia Li said. “I was unable to drink water or eat out of personal concerns about safety.”
Others hoped the test had been canceled or rescheduled.
“The worst part was just taking the test during a pandemic,” said junior Vaneeza Pasha. “Some schools pushed the test back, we should have done that as well just to further ensure the students’ safety.”
With school being completely virtual, many students found it easier to study and prepare.
“I have been able to prepare a little better just since I’m home all day so I have some more time,” Hong said. “However, I still get a lot of homework and that takes most of my day.”
Other students opted to completely skip over the test.
“My decision to not take the PSAT was not in any way connected to COVID-19. I knew the school would have the right protocol for all students taking the test,” said junior Gianna Di-Reumante. “Since I had taken it in both 9th and 10th grade, I felt that not taking it junior year would be okay.”
With so many different experiences, both good and bad, all students can be glad that the test is finally over.